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5 Ways To Save Money On Utility Bill

by B.Annie on February 27, 2017

Being a homeowner isn’t easy.  Between the mortgage, homeowner’s insurance and maintenance, who has the money for an increase in their utility bills?  Not us.  But that is just what we are seeing across the board with our customers.  But never fear.  There are ways to save on utility bills and still live comfortably. Thermostat […]

It All Starts With Core Values

by B.Annie on February 18, 2017

At Winstar Home Services everything we do starts with one thing, our Core Values.  From hiring our team to your first to our call center to the technician’s final goodbye at your door, we believe that our core values are the most important thing we offer our customers. Owner of Winstar, Talbot Watkins sums it up, […]