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Air Conditioning Problems Regular Maintenance Can Prevent

by B.Annie on May 8, 2017

Air Conditioning Problems Can Be Avoided


Last week we wrote about what you should expect during your annual air conditioning maintenance appointment.  This week we want to show you how the maintenance program can help you avoid common air conditioning problems.

Why spend the money on a tune-up and maintenance program if your system is working perfectly fine? That’s simple.  A regular maintenance program can help you identify a small problem before it becomes a major one.

5 Problems Maintenance Help You Avoid


  1. Mold – During a regular inspection our technician is tasked with helping to clean your system.  One of the problems we encounter most often in our humid Maryland environment is mold in the system.  Catching it now can not only help your system overall,  it can also keep your family healthier by identifying the problem and helping you to put measure in place to stop it.
  2. Burned Out Motors – During his inspection of your system, your technician will check all motors for signs of failure.  He will also clean and lubricate them, giving the motors a better chance of not becoming over-stressed
  3. Miscalibrated thermostats: When our technicians come out they calibrate the thermostats in your home.  This ensures that your home is working most efficiently  Without the maintenance you risk this becoming a major issue throughout the summer. This can stress your system and your wallet.
  4. Refrigerant Leak – This is a common problem for older air conditioning units and it can be a major problem. You may notice that your air conditioner is struggling to keep you cool.  While this is the noticeable problem, leaking refrigerant can mean major damage to your compressor. The one problem you never want to have is a burned out compressor.  A bad compressor could mean replacing the entire unit.  Finding this problem during your annual maintenance appointment allows us to fix it before it becomes a much bigger problem.
  5. Overflowing Condensate Pan – In Maryland our air conditioning systems often work on full throttle from April to September.  This stress on the system can cause condensate drains to clog.  In turn the condensate pan will overflow  and trigger the air conditioner to stop working. Cleaning out the pan can keep this from happening.

Call today to schedule your maintenance appointment.