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4 Reasons to Get a Tub Replacement Now

If you’ve been thinking about making a change to your family’s bathroom, a tub replacement is a great place to start.

Often one of the first fixtures to show signs of aging, a worn, weary tub can distract from the reenergizing feeling your bathroom should be giving you. Plus, it’s also an economical and efficient way to perk up your bathroom. 

If you are considering your own tub replacement, read on for four great reasons to make that choice today.

1| A New Tub Will Stay Looking New

Is your tub damaged or dented? Stained or unsightly? A replacement tub is more than just a fresh start. These tubs are built with damage-resistant acrylic surfaces that’ll give you that new tub look, longer. 

Plus, they’re made from non-porous materials that are easier to clean. That means they’re easier to clean now, and they’ll stay looking new longer. All that contributes to counteracting two of the primary reasons that bathtubs age prematurely. 

2| Walk Right In With A Walk-In Bath

woman in robe entering tub

Sometimes the conversation about replacing your bathtub isn’t about swapping it out for another tub. For those of our family members with reduced mobility, regular tubs can be hazardous. So it doesn’t matter if the new tub is shiny and stain-free, it’s the tub itself that needs to go. 

Replacing your tub with a walk-in tub creates a safer bathing experience while also maintaining your loved ones’ independence. With the ideal combination of spa-like relaxation, health benefits, pain relief, and security, walk-in tubs are a great solution.

3| Design You Don’t Have To Wait For

modern tub replacement

Whether you’re looking to upgrade for yourself or for a future sale, replacing your tub will have a huge impact. Did you know that upgrade doesn’t have to take weeks? Often one of the reasons homeowners drag their feet on deciding about a renovation is the assumption that it will take a long time.

With tubs like the one pictured above, installation can be done in as little as a day. Been putting off the renovation you’ve been wanting? Need to get your house on the market to be able to move? Getting the right tub for your space can now be done without the wait.

4| Switching To Showers

walk-in shower

There are a number of reasons to convert from bathtub to shower. Like the home pictured above, a shower opens up the room. It creates the sensation of space without the need for a more involved renovation. If the kids are growing up, you can choose a more stylish bathing situation instead of a purely functional one. And for families living with multiple generations, the shower can offer a safer, more accessible option than a tub.

Though the change from a bathtub to a shower can seem dramatic, the time investment is minimal. Similar to the bathtub replacements, walk-in showers can also be done in as little as a day.

Making The Right Choice For Your Bathroom Tub Replacement

At Winstar, we use BCI Acrylic products for all of your tub replacement needs. What does that mean for you? First of all, it’s a bathroom solution that is easily maintained and easily cleaned. With mold and mildew resistant surfaces, you get a safer, healthier option for your family.

What’s more, these options are designed to fit within your home. Choose the colors, patterns, and sizes you prefer for a seamless upgrade.

Finally, these are products that install fast – and last. With installations done as quickly as a single day and lifetime warranties, we make sure your tub replacement experience is a positive one. 

For a consultation with our Maryland bath remodel experts, call Winstar today.

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