5 Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas For 2022

Considering a master bathroom remodel is about details both big and small.

You may have grand designs for switching out showers and tubs. Or you may be hoping to fine-tune some of the fixtures. No matter your approach, it’s helpful to take in as much inspiration as possible to help you make your final decisions.

Below we’ve put together 5 ideas that are sure to spark something for your master bathroom remodel

Idea #1: A Shower Caddy With Style

brushed nickel soap tray

When you’ve spent a lot of time with your shower, it can be surprising what you get used to. The temporary solutions and quick-fixes can become permanent. One common culprit? Shower caddies that hang from the shower. 

One way to elevate your master bathroom is to make sure shower is as functional as it is well-designed. Sleek, customizable shower accessories like the one above fit in better with the materials and colors you’re using than temporary options. This transforms a merely useful item into one that makes your master bathroom feel that much better.

Idea #2: Design With Your Sizes In Mind

Gray master bathroom with walk-in shower

It’s easy to fall in love with the fancy master bath pictures you see on Pinterst and Instagram. What that can result in is trying to make your master bathroom too much like someone else’s, and not enough like your own.

Since 2020, the amount we’ve spent in our homes has increased. That’s why we see personalization as a 2022 master bathroom remodel trend. A master bath isn’t going to just be a carbon copy of the picture you’ve seen – ideally, it’s going to be one that is customized to your space. Like the customizable shower design above, yours can include the colors, patterns, and sizes you’re looking for.

Idea #3: The Door You’ve Been Waiting For

master bathroom walk-in shower

How you step into and out of your shower helps to set the tone for your whole shower experience. And your master bath remodel should certainly help you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

For many older showers, the enclosure leaves something to be desired. It may be a curtain rod that doesn’t go with your new design choices or a door that gets stuck on its track. Those hassles can distract from the actual shower itself.

With a quality bath and shower enclosure, you get to make your master bath more your own. Like the door pictured above, sliding enclosures and swing enclosures can both work to create a more inviting, accommodating shower experience.

Idea #4: Include Tile On The Wall

bath surround and walk-in shower combo

One of our favorite trends for bathroom walls is to add tiling. This is a great choice for the bathroom’s focal wall – the wall that tends to be adjacent to the tub – and it adds a nice splash of color and texture. 

This kind of bathroom customization also lends a more modern, clean aesthetic. For those who want to invoke a restorative spa, white tile helps to create that soothing atmosphere that many of us seek

Idea 5: Fixtures That Are More Than Functional

brass bath tub faucet

During your master bathroom remodel, you’re going to have conversations about fixtures. After all, what would a master bathroom be without shower heads and faucets?

The 2022 master bathroom remodel ideas we’re excited about take those necessary pieces and make them exceptional. With a wide range of designs, from the straight edges pictured above to soft curving fixtures, this is a year about picking pieces without compromise.

Plus, having these shower heads and faucets available in finishes like Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black and Brushed Gold means you get some flash to go along with the function!

Ready For Your Master Bathroom Remodel

We’ve been working with Maryland families since 1994 to help them with their bathroom remodeling needs. As much as any trends, we’re excited by keeping those relationships with our community going. 

To get started on your own bathroom remodel, we encourage you to get in touch with our expert team at Winstar today.

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