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5 Must-Try Master Bath Ideas

After two years of spending an increased amount of time in our homes, the time has come to liven them up. With a fresh design or renovation, you can give your most lived-in areas more than just a coat of paint. You can give them a fresh, new functionality. That includes one of our favorite spaces in the home: the master bath.

The master bath is your home’s best chance to have a show-stopping bathroom. With the extra space normally afforded to a master bath, you’ll have the room to get creative. From adding new features to embracing your own personal spa, we’ve put together five of our favorite remodeling master bath ideas. 

1| Bathroom Suites

Whether you’re permanently working from home or just have the occasional extra day, now’s the time to make your space your own. Finding ways to make your master bath a veritable suite can make your home that much more comfortable. 

On the remodeling side look to see where you can double up. Having two sinks or two showerheads makes it clear this is a space for two. For a more refined upgrade, add metal  fixtures. Ones with gold or brass finishes can add a special touch to the room. This works well with a more modern aesthetic. 

2| Let There Be Light

Master bath renovations often focus on the shower, the bath, and the floor. Refreshing or revamping your light sources can also be a brilliant way to light up the room. This can be done by increasing the quantity of lights. That means more feature lights, lighting in the mirror, or downlights. 

This can also be done through the quality of lighting. This can be done by choosing  a warmer LED lighting, one that complements your family’s natural skin tone. When possible, this can also be done by installing new windows or even a skylight.

Finally, consider statement lighting. Each master bath remodel should have a standout piece, whether it’s a free-standing tub, large mirror, or a gorgeous pendant light, for example. While it’s not ideal to have too many statement pieces, choosing ones that feel right for you can help tie the master bath together.

3| The Master Spa

Another approach to your master bath remodeling is to reframe how you think of it. The master spa, as opposed to the master bath, is your sanctuary. It’s where you get ready, yes, but it’s also where you wind down. Take inspiration from the soothing effects of saunas by embracing organic materials. Wood accent pieces add a warmth and should be considered where there isn’t much moisture. In less-controlled areas, avoid the potential for wood warping or shrinking with wood-textured tiles or other tactile materials for the walls and floors.

Embracing your master spa means addition by subtraction. Reduce the spaces for clutter by removing unnecessary shelves and spaces where toiletries gather.

4| Black and White

When you are considering a master bath renovation, you’ll need to make plenty of choices about color. A primarily black bathroom makes for an attention-grabbing contrast as the eye is drawn to any lighter finishes and fixtures. Similarly, embracing black as a choice for fixtures contributes to a modern aesthetic that nicely accents marble or other stone countertops in the bathroom.

On that note, embracing white marble will add a refined layer to your redesign. More timeless taste than design trend, pairing white marble with other black fixtures makes for a stand-out master bath.

5| A Full Wet Room

For a master bath without limits, consider making it into a full wet room. Instead of planning on dividing your master bath into sections, embrace a design that lets you be comfortable. Bath, sink, and shower can intermix, lending to a more spacious feel that maximizes the floor space. 

That makes this a particularly attractive trend for smaller homes looking for a way to upgrade. Plus, they make including the ever-popular freestanding tub an attractive possibility, too.

Your Master Bath Remodel

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