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5 Simple But Effective Bathroom Upgrades

Looking for a simple bathroom upgrade that doesn’t require a complete makeover?

When you’ve started to think about what you could change in your bathroom, it’s tempting to go all in. It’s like “When You Give A Mouse A Cookie” meets a house-flipping show – one change leads to another… and another… and another!

Unfortunately, the real world checks in on us and we realize that for all our fancy ideas, we do still have to deal with budgets, family schedules, and our home’s physical limitations.

Just because you might have to put off your dream bathroom makeover doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the bathroom you’ve grown tired of, however. Instead of a full redesign, many homeowners are actually choosing to update their bathrooms instead!

By adding fresh elements to your bathroom, you get a chance to experiment with various design concepts as well as one-of-a-kind and inventive approaches to maximize the bathroom. Then who knows – that change may end up being enough to get you to fall back in love with the space (while also allowing you to save on your budget).

To get you started, here are 6 creative suggestions to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for simple but effective bathroom upgrades

bathroom renovation

1| Enhance Your Shower With A Window

When we’re thinking about a luxurious hotel stay, the search always seems to be about “a room with a view.”

So, why not give your home shower that same luxury – with its own window?

In addition to adding natural light and introducing a nice view of the space around your home, installing a shower window has another benefit, too. 

Adding a window to your bathroom shower will also add some much-needed airflow. No matter the season or weather, having a window you can crack open helps to lower the humidity in your bathroom that comes after a long, relaxing shower. Less humidity means less chance of mildew and mold, too. 

2| Add A Recessed Medicine Cabinet

With a recessed medicine cabinet, you’ll have a way of adding a good amount of storage space to your bathroom without actually losing any space.

Are you fed up with bottles of creams and lotions lining our sinks because you don’t have anywhere to put them? Then a wall-mounted cabinet could be just the kind of simple but effective bathroom upgrade that delivers results you love.

3| Upgrade Your Organization

A recessed medicine cabinet is nice, but it’s not going to handle the heavy-duty items in your bathroom like towels, hair dryers, or other equipment.

While a set of cabinets by the toilet might not be as alluring as a freestanding tub, it can still be quite an improvement. With an extra set of cabinets, built-in shelves, or organizers, you’ll find your messy bathroom transformed into a peaceful refuge. By choosing a renovation that maximizes your available space, you’ll enjoy more each moment you spend there.

4| Invest in Better Lighting

Like we’ve noticed from any video call we’ve been on in the past few years, lighting makes all the difference.

Upgraded lighting will set a better tone from the moment you first see yourself when you wake up in the morning to winding down in the evening. Plus, improving the ambiance of the bathroom might help you realize you don’t need to overhaul it in the first place. 

bathroom renovation

5| Improve The Ventilation

One reason homeowners can grow sick of their outdated bathrooms is feeling like they have to constantly fight mold and mildew growth.

While bathroom appliances could play a role here, it’s also possible that your ventilation is out of date. Getting a better exhaust fan can reduce humidity and odors while improving your appreciation for your bathroom. 

Call Winstar For Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Whether you’re looking to make a small change or a serious one, the team at Winstar is here to help. With more than 25 years of experience helping Maryland homeowners like yourself, we’re happy to advise on your next bathroom upgrade project. To get started, send us a message for your free estimate.

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