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6 Signs It’s Time For A Shower Remodel

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If you’re a morning shower person, the shower is your place to get yourself ready, a moment of calm before starting the day.

If you’re an evening shower person, the shower is your time to unwind from the day and get ready for a restful night.

But if your shower is not quite how you’d like it, it’s easy for those feel-good moments to turn frustrating. How can you tell if you’re being fussy or if it’s time to start thinking about a shower remodel? 

Below, we outline the six tell-tale signs that it’s time to consider upgrading your shower.

1| Leaking fixtures  

A leaking shower can result in a more expensive water bill, mold, staining, and other longer-term damage. 

Though some shower leaks can be quick fixes, like from loose showerheads or worn seals, others are more concerning. If, for example, your shower continues to leak water even while it’s off or there’s a leak behind the wall, you’ll need to consult a professional.

Depending on the diagnosis and the damage caused, a shower remodel may be your best bet.

2| A moldy bathroom  

It’s not uncommon for mold to grow in bathrooms. Given the warm, humid environment and the potential lack of ventilation, you may see those tell-tale black or green spots popping up. The most likely places mold will appear are on the grout, tile, or shower fixtures.

While mold is certainly an eyesore, it’s also connected to a number of health problems. This includes allergies, rashes, and respiratory issues. Mold can be cleaned as it crops up, but it’s hard to know for certain that you’ve eliminated it completely.

Should the problem become too widespread – with mold behind shower tiles or in the fixtures themselves – a full shower remodel may be ideal.

3| Broken or chipped shower tiles 

Like mold, broken tiles are both an aesthetic problem and a health issue. They distract from the clean look of your bathroom and they can also cause cuts or other injuries.

They’re also difficult to keep clean, meaning moisture that finds its way in can lead to mold growth. Caught early, a chipped shower tile can be patched up with caulk – or replaced completely.

With multiple tiles affected – or if you see that mold has started forming – remodeling the shower could be a safer bet.

4| A stuck or broken shower door 

Your shower should be a place of relaxation. If you’re fighting against a stubborn, worn shower door that doesn’t slide or shut well, the stress can mount.

Beyond that, an ill-fitting door can also lead to water leaking out. It’s also worth noting that situations requiring more force to open or close the shower door can lead to chips or cracks.

Unfortunately, these problems don’t resolve themselves. Rather than let the door continue to deteriorate, it’s better to be proactive and replace the shower door completely.

5| An old-fashioned look  

Like any other room in the house, your bathroom has its own style and design. A trend that may have been right with the times in the 80s or 90s can feel outdated today.

Similarly, if you’ve updated colors or fixtures in other areas of your home, the shower can start to stick out even more.

If you’re looking to update your shower and its fixtures, a shower remodel can be the most efficient way to handle those changes all at once.

6| You simply don’t like your shower

There are plenty of physical reasons to consider remodeling your shower. When it comes down to it, though, the only real reason you need to replace your shower is that you’d like to replace it!

Maybe your design tastes have changed. Maybe you’d like a bathtub instead of a shower. Or maybe you’re just looking to freshen up your bathroom. Change is always welcome, so feel free to go for a shower remodel if you’re not happy with your current shower.

What Your New Shower Can Look Like

Beyond knowing you’d like a shower remodel, it’s useful to see what your new bathroom can look like. As BCI Acrylic partners, it’s possible to get a completely customized shower for any bathroom space.

The benefits of these showers are many, including:

  • Easy Maintenance – With non-porous, naturally mold and mildew resistant surfaces, BCI Acrylic showers are easy to clean.
  • Stylish Options – Featuring multiple customizable designs, colors, and patterns, shower remodels can be about looks and functionality
  • Durability – BCI acrylic doesn’t scratch, chip, stain, or fade, making your home’s new shower one that’ll last 
  • Fast Installation Installations can be completed in as little as a single day, thanks to certified, factory-trained installers and units fabricated to fit within your space
  • Lifetime Warranty – Each BCI Acrylic shower is backed by a lifetime guarantee

Ready For A Shower Remodel?

Remodeling a shower can seem like a big task to cross off your list, so we’re here to make it a simple one. 

With decades of experience supporting Maryland homeowners, Winstar specializes in shower remodels and bath conversions. Get in touch for your free consultation and to get started on your new bathroom today.

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