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7 Things Worth Knowing About Bath Liners

What to consider when looking at bath liners.

One of the best feelings as a homeowner is having a bathroom that works well and looks great. The style’s just right, nothing leaks, and everything’s in its place.

For anyone who’s been living in a slightly older home, though, they know how hard it is to achieve that perfectly functioning bathroom

One of the culprits that tends to keep us from that perfection is the bathtub. From leaky tubs and discolored, stained ones to styles popular decades ago, the tub can either be the centerpiece of a great bathroom – or an eyesore.

Popular options for dealing with a bathtub’s problems include refinishing, brand new bathtubs, and bath liners. While the full bathtub replacement is fairly well-known, going for a bath liner can also be a great choice.

To help you decide how to move forward with your new bathroom, we’re weighing 7 factors today, including cost, time, convenience, mess, customizability, durability, and value. 

If you’ve looked into a bath remodel or conversion before, you know there’s pros and cons to every choice. We hope the following options will help you find that right balance of time, money, and effort for your home.

Cost of Bath Liners

A full bathtub replacement can certainly be costly, especially if it’s made from one of today’s trendier materials like stone or cultured marble.

Pound for pound, a bath liner will cost less than a replacement tub. Of course, there are other costs to keep in mind, too, like labor, supplies, and the installation. Make sure you’re taking note of all the factors that go in to make sure you’re getting the full picture.


How long it takes to install a bath liner may depend on your own skills and ambition. That said, it’s not a simple DIY project. Mistakes made in bathroom remodeling projects can be costly. Instead, consider professional bath liner installers that can save you time, with full installations often completed in just a day

Convenience of Bath Liners

Related to the time it takes to install, the convenience of this kind of project cannot be overstated. Especially for larger families, access to shared bathrooms is essential. A DIY project can prevent the bathroom from being used for long periods of time. Opting for professionally installed bath liners is often a more convenient option for families.

Control the Mess

A DIY bath remodel isn’t just about doing the fixes yourself; it’s also about doing the cleanup, too. With kids running around, it’s not uncommon for that mess to spread beyond the bathroom. Instead, bathroom specialists can get in and get out faster, helping to contain the mess and make the whole remodel smoother.

The Customizable Style & Features of Bath Liners

The beauty of a full replacement tub is that you don’t have to compromise. Though you will often pay for that luxury, it’s worth it to choose the exact size, color, and material that you want.

With bath liners, on the other hand, you are dealing with a smaller set of choices. These are the styles and features that have been preselected by your liner manufacturer. At Winstar, though, we work with Bath Planet, which has molds of over 1,500 bath tubs

Though that’s technically a limit, it might be one you don’t even need to worry about!


Whether you’re opting for a replacement bathtub or bath liners, it’s worth looking into both the materials they’re made of and their warranties. Though an acrylic bath liner – which is durable on its own – may not be quite as tough as marble, it may not even make a difference. 

When they’re back by a lifetime warranty, you can rest easy and know that your choice will last.

Value of Bath Remodels

Choosing how you’re going to remodel or improve your bathroom often comes down to what is most valuable in the moment. For the experience and satisfaction of taking on a project yourself, maybe DIY does make the most sense. For the Pinterest-worthy bathroom, maybe it’s the one-of-a-kind tub. 

For a durable, cost-efficient option, a bathtub liner could be right for you.

Maryland-Area Bathtub Replacements

Given how many ways there are to improve your home’s bathroom, it can be helpful to get an expert opinion. We’ve been helping Maryland homeowners since 1994 with their bathrooms, and we’d be happy to share with you, too. 

For a free consultation on bathroom remodeling, same-day bath conversions, and more, call the expert team at Winstar today.

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