7 Ways To a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Embracing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

For new parents and parents of young children alike, planning for your children’s safety is a never-ending task. One place you want to make sure they always feel safe? Your home.

For new parents, that means thinking about just what needs to change to make sure your newborn is safe. From covering up sharp edges to safety-proofing sockets, there is plenty to do.

For parents of young children, that means looking past the things you love about the house you’re buying and making sure it’s safe. Moving to a new house might also mean considering some small renovations.

Through it all, there’s one shared room that both types of families agree is at the center of the conversation: the bathroom. 

We want to help make sure your little one has a safe place to grow up. To do so, we’ve compiled seven of our favorite ways to make your home’s bathroom more kid-friendly.

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Opt For Open Shelving 

Open shelving is a great way to make your bathrooms more kid-friendly. 

From your child’s perspective, it will be easier to find their towels and bath toys when they’re in plain sight. From your perspective, you may have realized kids aren’t always the most gentle. Save yourself and your cabinet doors the stress of little hands slamming them shut and embrace open shelves with open arms.

Wainscoting Helps In More Ways Than One

To a child, the whole world is a play space. 

When that play place happens to also have their bathtub, there’s a lot that can happen to your walls. From toy dents to waves splashing over the tub’s edge, the lower bathroom walls can put up with a lot. Wainscoting will help to reinforce them, while giving a nice character to the space. Plus, if you listen to the stories that are being told at Interiors For Families, wainscoting is great because it’s a more easily cleaned surface, too. Boys will be boys…

Hooks, Not Bars

For children who are just getting the hang of hanging towels, a hook is a better target. 

A bar can be harder to figure out, resulting in more wet towels on the ground. Or they can look like the bars they’re playing on at school, leading to some destructive temptations. For a more kid-friendly bathroom design, towel hooks will save you a headache.

One Larger Sink Over Multiple Sinks

If a redesign is in mind, consider opting for one larger sink instead of side-by-side sinks. 

As your kids master cleaning their hands, they’ll start to spill and splash less. Until that point, having a bigger sink will be a relief when it comes to cleaning up.

A Fun Design (But Not All Of The Fun Designs)

While you are designing your kid-friendly bathroom, it likely still needs to be used by the whole family. 

Instead of going all-out on cute wallpaper, fun mats, and animal-themed light switches, consider a creative shower curtain. This gives them something light and fun, while keeping a healthy perspective about the bathroom being shared by the whole family.

Wild About Wall Tiles

Similar to the argument for wainscoting, wall tiles are an attractive touch that’s useful, too. 

You can use them sparingly around the tub or the sink for an extra layer of protection. You can also extend the tiles up one wall as a way to make a child-friendly bathroom touch into a design statement. 

Give Them A Boost

Little kids often need a little lift to access the bathroom vanity. 

For a quick fix, you can grab a stepping stool. For a longer-term solution, consider building one into the bathroom. Another idea to consider is combining this with a floating vanity. With that, the step stool can slide right under it when it’s the adults’ turn to freshen up.

Winstar Can Create Your Kid-Friendly Bathroom

There are a range of quick fixes and longer-term solutions for making bathrooms kid-friendly. 

If you’ve got kids on the way or need to make your home more kid-friendly, we encourage you to get in touch with the Winstar team. With our decades of experience helping Maryland families with bathroom repairs, we’re here to help you make the right choice for your family.

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