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8 Easy Steps To Keep Your New Shower Looking New

Steps to Keep Your Shower New

Having trouble keeping your shower looking new?

After months or years of waiting, you’ve finally gotten the bathroom remodel you’d been dreaming about for your home.

The floors look great. The new fixtures shine. And that shower is a stunner. You don’t think about the leaking, stained tub that it replaced, because all you see now is a sleek, modern shower.

The ability of a tub-to-shower conversion or replacement shower to rejuvenate a bathroom is formidable. It can refresh our whole feeling about our bathroom.

That said, we know all too well that nothing stays new forever. Just like a car driving off the lot, a shower can start to show its age quickly if we’re not careful. Problems like mildew, soap scum, and stains can crop up. That sparkling new shower can start to look as messy as your bathroom did before.

Fortunately, an easy-to-establish and simple-to-maintain cleaning routine will keep your shower looking new.

8 Tips For A Fresher, Cleaner Shower

Whether you’re keeping that new shower new or tidying up a shower you’ve had for years, these shower cleaning tips are sure to make a difference.

1| Rinse The Shower Down

An easy first step is to rinse the whole shower down. Make sure to soak everything from the glass doors and the floors to the uppermost tiles. A detachable showerhead is going to make this step easier. Otherwise, a good old-fashioned bucket will do the trick.

2| Don’t Forget The Curtains

For showers with curtains, it can be easy to slide them out of the way as we step out and forget about them. Still, not all of the soap scum and germs slide down into the drain. From time to time, take an old towel and wipe down your curtains.

3| Fight Back Against Mildew

For your shower curtains, it’s better to be proactive against mildew. After you’ve cleaned your shower curtain, soak it in a bowl of water and salt. Then air dry.

4| Protect Your Shower Doors

Take care of limescale on your shower doors with this home hack: try spraying WD-40 onto the door. Wait about 20 minutes, then run a paper towel over the door and wipe it clean. 

5| Get In Deep With Sponges

Brushes and sponges can help clean out the tough corners. No need to go fancy, as a dishwashing sponge will work just fine. Combine it with a bathroom-approved cleaning mixture and watch as the grime melts away.

6| Spend Time On The Shower Head

Particularly in areas with hard water, the showerhead can become caked with buildup. To give it a refresh, unscrew it and drop it in a bag with baking soda and vinegar. Leave it there overnight, and by morning, you’ll be able to easily wipe that scum off.

7| Spray Vinegar

Have some leftover vinegar after dunking the showerhead? Mix it with water in a spray bottle for an effective cleanser. Effective against stains and scum, spray down the whole shower then attack it with a sponge to leave it sparkling.

8| Slide A Squeegee

Perfect for use on any glass surface in your shower – like its door or walls – they help to remove the excess water. By leaving a smudge-free surface after each shower, you’ll keep that brand new bathroom look for longer.

Getting A New Shower With Winstar

If all of this talk about keeping your shower fresh and clean has you reconsidering your shower, it might be the time for a remodel.

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be an overly expensive or overly time-consuming process. With tub-to-shower conversions, bathtub replacements, and more, there are options to fit every budget and lifestyle.

So if your shower isn’t satisfying your family’s needs any longer, let us help. Call the bathroom experts at Winstar for a free consultation on your bathroom today.

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