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Bath Remodel: Important Tips For Planning Your Next One

Tips For Planning Your Next Bath Remodel

Though we can make a lot of things happen these days with the click of a button, a bath remodel takes some planning.

With the right preparation, your bath remodel will go off without a hitch: on (or under!) budget, on time, and without any of the home repair hassle horror stories you’ve heard about.

If that plan is rushed, though, it leads to a bath remodel that goes off the rails. A poorly planned renovation can lead to higher costs, delays, and unforeseen challenges.

That’s why a plan is important, no matter the size of the remodel. From shower conversions to whole bathroom renovations, there is a similar structure to follow to ensure success. To get you there smoothly, we’ve outlined those steps below!

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Agree On A Budget

Depending on the extent of your bathroom remodel, you could have dozens of choices to make. From upgrading fixtures to custom tubs, you’ll have a lot of flexibility to make your bathroom your own.

With that, it’s valuable to decide on your budget before giving into temptation. Conversations with contractors can help you understand what you’ll get for your money, of course. Still, check out a resource like HomeAdvisor or look for bathroom model costs in Maryland to see what’s happening nearby.

If you know ahead of time exactly what kind of remodel you’re going for, try searching for that. Looking up tub conversions in Maryland or shower installations in Baltimore can help you set your budget in the right range.

Choose Your Contractor

When it comes to choosing your contractor, it’s okay to treat it like dating. There’s no need to make a commitment after a short meeting, and getting quick estimates shouldn’t cost you anything. You’ll have a better sense of how they handle their potential projects after this conversation, which will help you feel more comfortable through the project.

Additionally, answer the following questions to you narrow down qualified contractors: 

  • Do they have a local storefront?
  • How are their customer reviews? Try Google My Business to see if they have a presence online.
  • Do they have a local storefront?
  • Do they offer free quotes and consultations?
  • What certifications and licenses do they have?

Pick The New Bathroom’s Layout

If you are going for a more substantial bathroom remodel, you’ll need to have an idea of what’s going where. Your contractor will certainly be able to help you with this stage.

From just the tub to the whole bathroom itself, decide what the focus of the renovation is. Then if necessary, you’ll decide on an ideal layout. Even simple tub conversions will give you a new way to use your bathroom’s space. 

If you’re looking to add a fresh functionality to your bathroom, consider the following:

  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion – By replacing your bathtub and putting a shower in its place, you’ll have a bathroom that both feels more open and has more usable space.
  • Shower-to-Tub Conversion – Though a tub may take up a slightly larger footprint than the shower, it also adds a new angle to your bathroom. From the perfect spot to give kids a bath to a great spot to unwind after the day, a tub offers flexibility.
a woman stands near a converted shower

The Final Design Touches

After you’ve picked the layout, it’s time to polish it with design and décor. With help from your contractor – and using your budget as a guide – it’s time to pick out the furnishings and bath products. 

This includes little pieces like light switches and handles to cabinets, toilets, and more. There will also be other aesthetic choices to make, including tile combinations, paint colors, and accessories.

Scheduling The Appointments

After you’ve made the selections, it’s time to make them happen. With each remodel, there are often other appointments that need to happen. This includes remodelers measuring the space and the date for installations. 

While the actual date may depend on getting in all of the bath products, that tentative date will help you plan.

How Winstar Helps Plan Your Next Bath Remodel

There you have it – the major steps to planning a successful bath remodel. What’s important to note is that you don’t have to take on each of these steps alone. As Winstar, we have been helping Maryland families with their bathroom remodeling needs since 1994.

We are here for everything from determining budget-friendly solutions to creating custom looks that will make your bathroom truly feel like yours. Plus, many of our bath remodels can even be done in one day! 

For more information on how our expert team works, and for a free consultation for your home, contact Winstar today.

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