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Bathroom Conversions In One Day

When our lives get busy, it’s easy to put things off.

Even though the items on our To Do List – buy detergent, call a friend, send an email – don’t take much time, we wait and wait and wait. 

So it’s no surprise we wait even longer for the projects that seem bigger. The ideas that have been weighing on your mind, like doing a bathroom conversion, can seem like even more work.

Did you know, though, that a bathroom conversion could be done just as quickly as any other task on your To Do list? In many cases, your shower or bathtub can be converted in as little as one day.

The same work that you think about each time you step into your bathroom could be fixed and done already.

To get you on your way with the bathroom conversion you deserve, we’re breaking down just how our bathroom experts at Winstar make it happen.

How We Do Bathroom Conversions For Maryland Homeowners

It’s completely normal to want to change your bathroom’s design. In some cases, homeowners may have moved into an older home and are now ready to update it. In other cases, a bathroom conversion is done for the safety of our senior family members.

Whether it’s just a design you don’t like or an upgrade your family needs, you’re in luck: a bathroom conversion is simple.

As a bathroom remodeling company with over 25 years of experience, Winstar’s capable of converting your unwanted shower or tub quickly and affordably.

And though we are able to deliver these changes in as little as a day, that doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality. It is due to our long-standing relationship with BCI Acryl and their customized manufacturing process that we create your tub or shower to order.

This also means that your tub or shower is made just for your space, saving on wasted labor and material for an impressive result. All of this, at a fraction of the time and cost a bathroom conversion would normally require.

What Winstar Offers

More than just our 25+ years of experience, you’ll also enjoy the following when working with the Winstar team:

  • An Educational Sales Process – We want our customers to know what’s happening each step of the way so they can make the right decision for their homes – no pressure, no gimmicks.
  • Free Design Consultations from Trained Bathroom Experts – You likely have ideas of what you’d like to do with your bathroom. With our expert team, we can help you fine-tune those ideas to make your dream bathroom a reality.
  • Durable, Crack-Resistant Acrylic that’s Built to Last – Though your bathroom conversion can be done in just one day, the newly installed bathroom will last far beyond that.
  • Strong Core Values and a Family Focus – We know how important your home is to your family, which is why we run our own business with same family-focused values
  • Attractive, Low-Payment Financing Options – No matter what your current situation is, we want to make sure you have a manageable path to getting the bathroom conversion you’re looking for.
  • Expertly Converted Showers and Tubs for Any Space – With our years of experience, we’ll find a solution for your space.

With our factory-certified team, we’re able to execute fast, professional bathroom conversions. This includes tub-to-shower conversions as well as shower-to-tub conversions.

What To Expect With Tub-To-Shower Conversions

While Maryland families may enjoy having a bathtub in their home, having just a tub can be limiting. With tub-to-shower conversions, Winstar can help replace your bath with an attractive walk-in shower. 

Not only will it fit right into your existing footprint with minimal labor and mess, it will help to open up the bathroom space. With that, you’ll have a modern space that’s more accessible and more functional.

What To Expect With Shower-to-Tub Conversions

As our family needs change, so do our bathrooms. If your home only has a shower and you’re looking to add a tub, our Maryland bathroom conversion team can do that, too.

Using the existing space as a guideline, we’re able to convert your shower into perfectly fitting, well designed bathtub with the design details of your choice, including:

  • Tub Base Style
  • Wall Surrounds
  • Built-in Shelves, Soap Caddies, and Storage
  • Faucet and Fixture Style
  • Tub Accessories
  • ADA-Compliant Accessibility Features

Get A Quote To Start Your Bathroom Conversion Today

Choosing Winstar for your custom bathroom remodeling in Maryland is a great choice for your family’s home. We’ve been serving our Maryland area customers since 1994, and we are proud of the A+ BBB that’s resulted from that dedication and care.

To find out more about our one-day bath conversions, showers, and tubs, reach out to us today. Call Winstar or complete our online form to get your free consultation and cost estimate now.

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