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Bathroom Remodeling for 2022: Trends to Make Your Mornings Brighter

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Over the last few years, we’ve all spent more time in our homes than we probably expected. Isn’t it about time to make those spaces more enjoyable?

At Winstar, we believe that feeling comfortable in your home starts with having a bathroom that feels like yours. 

Whether it’s got specific functionality you’re looking for or you had a hand in its design, those little touches make a world of difference.

As there is still plenty of 2022 left, we’re highlighting some of the bathroom remodeling design trends we believe we’ll continue to shine. 

Check out 7 of our favorite trends below.

1| Walk-In Showers

The walk-in shower is truly becoming the statement piece of the modern bathroom. Whether it’s from families replacing old tubs or wanting to upgrade their showers, these are a design lover’s dream. 

Unlike standard showers, walk-in showers don’t need a door or curtain to contain the water. The result? A welcoming, open look that contributes to a bigger-feeling bathroom. 

And though certain walk-in showers may include a small curb to keep water running all over the bathroom, there are other, sleeker options, too. With a gently sloping floor, the water is guided to the drain without the need for a curb or lip. Not only is this a stylish design choice, it’s also ideal for anyone with mobility issues, too.

2| Freestanding Tubs

Some bathroom trends are like a well-designed outfit: it may be trendy now, but it’s a classic you’ll enjoy for years. 

That’s what makes the moment freestanding tubs are having such a treat. Though not a groundbreaking innovation, these tubs are being embraced by the minimalist design movement for their commanding, clean presence.

The ideal spot for a long soak, a freestanding bathtub lets you relax without being encumbered by the adjacent walls. Plus, they create an attractive focal point in your bathroom.  

3| Spa-Like Features

Given the time we all spend in the bathroom each day, why shouldn’t we make that time more enjoyable?

That’s why we’re seeing more and more elegant features being incorporated into bathrooms. For some, that’s putting an emphasis on certain materials like granite or quartz countertops. Other homes incorporate marble, often in fixtures like sinks. That emphasis on unique fixtures can also be seen in stylish hardware with chrome or copper lighting.

On a bigger scale, homeowners may also be expanding their walk-in showers to the trendy wet room. This larger, luxurious space can also be accompanied by dual shower heads. 

4| Smart Home, Meet Smart Bathroom

Just like the Internet of Things and connectivity are becoming more common throughout our homes, we expect to see more if in our bathrooms, too.

For hands-off smart tech, there are humidity and steam-sensing exhaust fans. These save you the hassle of turning them off and on, and can also be a sustainable replacement for older ventilation systems. Voice-activated lighting and temperature control features are becoming more prevalent, too.

On a smaller scale, smart mirrors help you get ready while bringing in the outside world through music, weather updates, and more. With their sleek design, smart scales integrate easily into a modern bathroom to help you stick to your health goals.

5| Earthy Tones

Though we’re all for the industrial edge that many minimalist bathrooms take, there’s something to be said for earth tones, too. 

Using a swatch of greens, blues, and browns as warmer colors works to create an easy-on-the-eyes bathroom. Plus, it’s a nod to nature that makes feeling at ease even easier.

And one more thing – if you’re looking for a way to double down on your bathroom plant sanctuary, earthy colors help to create a more inclusive effect.

6| Wood Accents

Going alongside earthy colors is the use of one of our favorite natural elements: wood. Another way of creating a sauna-like effect in your home bathroom, wood is a multifunctional accent piece. 

Besides pairing well with those blues and greens that we just mentioned, it also works as an eye-catching material in minimalist bathrooms, too.

7| Touchless Faucets

While at first the idea of touchless faucets might remind you of an airport bathroom, the reality is far better. These are often sleek, handsomely designed fixtures that work well and reduce water droplets (and the time it takes to clean them up). Plus, it reduces the touchpoints for germs, which is an always-important consideration, too.

Taking The First Step Toward Your Bathroom Remodel

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