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Bathroom Renovation Value Adding Tips 

Add value to your home with these bathroom renovation ideas

While many of us have hobbies that we consider labors of love, bathroom remodeling likely doesn’t qualify. If you’re spending time and money upgrading your bathroom, you want to know it’s going to increase your home’s value, too.

Looked at it another way: would you invest thousands of dollars in a renovation project if there wasn’t a good chance it would also add thousands of dollars to your home’s value? Probably not.

Given that a bathroom remodel is a significant financial and labor commitment, it’s nice to have some assurance about the value this investment will have. It’s true that you’ll see an uptick in your quality of life, but “enjoying the time you spend in the bathroom” can be hard to quantify for prospective buyers.

With that in mind, we’re highlighting 4 value adding tips you can keep in mind with your next bathroom renovation. 

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Put In New Floors

Installing a new bathroom floor is a significant decision that will improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and increase the monetary value of your property.

On the aesthetic side, it is important to pick a floor that complements the style of your bathroom. Drawing the whole room together and establishing a mood helps to elevate a bathroom beyond its functions. 

To push this idea further (and invest a bit more), you can add functionality with heated floors. While it may not appeal to every home buyer, there’s definitely a market for having a luxurious spa experience each time you exit your shower or bathtub.

Modernize The Toilet

The toilet is the new frontier when it comes to bathroom renovations.

Starting with how they look, a low-profile toilet gives your bathroom a sleek aesthetic. Going beyond the basic design shows that more attention and thought was put into the bathroom.

From there, you’ll have the option to invest in a smart toilet. These cutting-edge toilets range from being useful to entertaining. On the useful side, you’ll see smart toilets offering overflow prevention, automatic flushing, and water conservation. On the more entertaining side are Spotify connections, heated chairs, and deodorizers.

Want to captivate prospective homeowners? A smart toilet will certainly grab their eye. 

Upgrade The Vanity Lighting

There are a number of factors that can lead a bathroom to look dark: dingy wallpaper, yellowed furnishings, and… a lack of light.

To make your bathroom feel more welcoming – and look more valuable – upgrade the lighting. Get rid of old bulbs with out-of-date fittings. Grab eco-friendly, lighter bulbs for a selfie-ready brilliance. 

If you’re looking for value adding tips for your bathroom, this is one that gives you quite a bit of bang for your buck. Replacing bulbs and fittings could be done in as little as an hour!

bathroom renovation idea

Bring the Look Together With New Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom design, fixtures and accessories are sometimes neglected and underestimated. 

Take the towel rack, for instance. When we consider it as just a bar that hangs on the wall, we justify having a cheap, chrome fixture that may or may not go with the rest of the room.

Yet it’s the small elements that complete the design of the space. Like accessories for an outfit, they can help seal the deal. While we can agree that they won’t add quite as much value as a heated floor, they’re still worth paying attention to. 

In addition to the towel bar, consider the toilet paper holder, faucets, drain covers, and light switches, too. 

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