Electrical Inspection - Winstar, Maryland Electrical and Bath Remodeling

An Electrical Inspection for Your Home

While it’s true you’ll need a home electrical inspection when buying or selling a home, that’s not the only time!

You can trust in the team at Winstar to prioritize your home’s safety. Because of that, we’d like to take a moment to share with you the other important times to consider a home electrical inspection.

Electrical Inspection - Winstar, Maryland Electrical and Bath Remodeling

Signs your home needs an electrical inspection

  • Regular circuit trips – Do you find yourself resetting your circuit breakers regularly? A flipped switch is meant to protect your appliances, but if you find it happening consistently, you should seek professional assistance.
  • Flickering lights – This can be a sign of either damaged wires or an issue with the circuit, like another appliance drawing too much power. Either way, an inspection will ensure each device gets the appropriate amount of power.
  • Hot, loose, or buzzing electrical sockets – If sockets are warm even when nothing is plugged in, if you hear any kind of noise, or if your outlets are loose, it’s time to call a professional.

Important times to consider for a home electrical inspection

At Winstar, we’re here to help you with your inspection. If you’re looking for a new home, considering an addition to your existing home, or a major improvement, like renovating your HVAC, a home electrical inspection is a good idea.

Additionally, a periodic inspection to your existing home can help you identify any potential problems ahead of time.

How Winstar approaches Maryland home electrical inspections 

When the time comes for an electrical inspection for your Maryland home, you deserve quality answers quickly. With Winstar, we pride ourselves on our fast response times. Often we’re able to deliver same-day service.
We know how important these results can be. From homeowners looking to keep their families safe to those looking to close on a new home, we’re here for you. We are also happy to provide the documents you may need for sign off on a permit or house closing.

We’ve been serving Maryland for years.

For your lighting inspection or other home electrical inspection, contact the experts at Winstar.

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