Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical system starts and ends with its electrical panel. Other than going out to check the circuit breaker, do you know the last time a professional inspected it?  If you’re not sure of the answer, now could be the right time to research electrical panel upgrades. 

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Signs that now is the right time to upgrade your home’s electrical panel

  • Panel more than 25 years old – If you’re not sure about the panel, think about the age of your home. Haven’t replaced the panel? It’s time to consider it.
  • New power demands – If you’ve added a number of new appliances, from hot tubs and TVs to a new kitchen, you’ll need more power – and you’ll need it more consistently.
  • Lots of power strips – This is a sign that you may be using more power than your house was designed for. Even with surge protectors, an upgraded panel will keep your home safer 

Benefits from an electrical panel upgrades

  • Decreasing the risk of fire – Electrical panel upgrades make your home safer by preventing surges at the source, lower your home insurance, and will help your peace of mind
  • Improving home’s value – In our modern world, a recently upgraded electrical panel will help prospective buyers feel confident your home is prepared.
  • Consistent power – The convenience and safety that come from appliances that stay on, circuit breakers that don’t flip, and outlets you can trust.

Why Maryland families choose Winstar for their panel upgrades

Over the past 25 years, Winstar has been serving Maryland homeowners with top-tier electrical services. We credit our A+ BBB business rating to our transparent, educational style. We value your family and your home’s safety. Together, we’ll assess your home to see what electrical upgrades are necessary to avoid overloading your system.

Ready to make sure your electrical panel can handle your family’s needs? Call Winstar today to learn more about our quality upgrades.

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