Everything You Need For Your Upcoming Bath Renovation

Of all of the renovations Americans did in 2020, almost ⅓ of those were bath renovations.

At Winstar, we’ve been helping Maryland families with their bathroom remodels and renovations since 1994.  Given the popularity of bath renovations, it’s likely you have one coming up in your future. 

To that end, we’ve collected 5 elements that we believe are necessary to any bath renovation. 

Durable Bathtubs

When you’re considering a bath renovation, it’s likely that something isn’t quite right with your current bath. 

What’s often the case for the Maryland homeowners we work with? Bathtubs that are fading, chipped, or cracked. With an unsightly tub like that, it can be hard to feel comfortable in your own bathroom.

Being able to deliver that quality to you is the reason our team works exclusively with BCI Acrylic and their line of bath and shower products. BCI Acrylic’s designs feature an affordable acrylic bath system. By focusing on materials that are scratch, chip, stain, and fade-resistant, they ensure that your home’s bathtub will last for years.

Bathtubs That Are Easy To Maintain

Bathtubs with stains and marks can cause homeowners to consider a bath renovation. Those stains can come from hard water accumulating over time. They can also happen when a bathtub isn’t easy to clean, either due to its shape, location, or materials.

Another advantage of our partnership with BCI Acrylic is their use of non-porous, naturally mold- and mildew-resistant surfaces. By replacing your current bathtub with one that’s easily cleaned, you’ll have a bathtub that stays cleaner and is easier to clean.

Stylish Tub Designs

Home styles change – and so do our tastes. Whether you’ve just moved into an older home you’re updating, or you’ve outgrown an old style, it’s normal to look for something new.

Fortunately, the high-gloss acrylic used in the fixtures for these bath renovations comes in a variety of colors and patterns to match any bathroom perfectly. Plus, they’re designed with complete customization in mind, so you’ll get the just-right size for your space.

Simple, Fast Installation

Naturally, one of the issues that keeps homeowners from starting their renovations is a concern about how long it will take.

We work with BCI Acrylic to customize and fabricate your bathtub or shower beforehand. This advance preparation allows us to do your installation in as little as a day. With teams that arrive with everything needed for installation in the morning and are out of your hair by the afternoon, life is easier.

A Lifetime Warranty

A fast installation is one thing. Knowing that the installation is as high of quality as the renovation or remodel that takes weeks is something else. 

Believing in that quality can come from speaking with the customers we worked with, and it can come from seeing how we do business. Though our installations rarely take more than a day, we always offer a lifetime warranty on our products. We believe they’re the best in the business and know you’ll be satisfied. 

Going Beyond The Bathtub

A bath renovation doesn’t have to be limited to just upgrading your bathtub. We are pleased to be able to offer the rest of our partner’s products, too, including: 

Shower Enclosures

Looking for a new or replacement shower? Or what to convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower? 

Upgrading your bathroom’s shower can be a great way to increase accessibility, open up the floor space, and create a more modern look.

Walk-In Tubs

Want a safer bathing experience? Trying to create a more spa-like bathroom? 

Our walk-in tubs are a convenient, safe way to add security to your bathing experience. They also create a comfortable, relaxing space to destress after a long day.

Bathroom Accessibility

Bathroom safety is one of our top priorities. For family members with limited mobility, the bathroom can be one of the most challenging, hazardous places. 

That’s why we are proud to install walk-in tubs, roll-in showers, step-thru inserts, and bath conversions to provide accessible bathrooms for all who need them.

Bathroom Accessories

At Winstar, we believe that you should be able to use your bathroom however you like. We offer accessories for every need and every type of bathroom to make that possible. This includes faucets, shower heads, grab bars, safety seats, shower caddies, shaving stands, and soap dishes.

Start Your Bath Renovation Today

Have an idea of what you’re looking for to kickstart your bath renovation? Then give our expert bathroom remodeling team at Winstar a call and we’ll help you put your plans in motion.

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