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Hire A Pro For Your Next Bath Remodel

A bath remodel can be daunting.

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There are a lot of at-home projects that seem perfectly doable for the ambitious, crafty homeowner.

Fixing a leaky pipe, touching up some paint, maybe even trying your hand at building some simple furniture. A few successes can lead you to feeling more confident and more prepared to take on something even bigger. 

If you’ve been eyeing some improvements to your bathroom, though, it might be worth reconsidering the DIY angle. That’s because the potential downsides to a bathroom remodel can be pretty steep. 

Just think: the bathroom is filled with critical plumbing infrastructure, specific waterproof finishes, and fixture-specific materials. Mistakes to any of these areas can cause problems in both the short and long-term.

Being stuck at home has many homeowners eyeing potential DIY projects to stay busy. But, there are a few downsides to attempting some remodels, especially if you are working in the bathroom. This area of the home is filled with plumbing infrastructure, critical waterproof finishes and other complex bath products or materials. 

Instead, it may be better to hire a professional contractor to complete your shower installation or bathtub replacement instead.

Let’s look over a few more of the reasons why hiring a pro for your next bath remodel is the right move for your home.

How Professional Bath Remodels Help Homeowners

In addition to preventing some of the mistakes that can happen with DIY bath remodels, professionals offer plenty of benefits. When considered as a whole, the investment in an established bath remodeling company outweighs any savings you might see doing the project by yourself. 

Easier Sourcing Of Materials and Fixtures

If you’re attempting to do a project yourself, you are likely sourcing bathroom fixtures from your local hardware store. In doing this, you’re paying full price.

Established contractors likely use wholesale sources to secure the materials for your bath remodel at a better price. Those relationships can also extend to the manufacturers themselves. This leads to factory-trained contractors who ensure your new fixtures are installed the correct way the first time.

Dedicated Professionals Complete Bath Remodel Projects Faster

If you are doing a bath remodel by yourself, you have to fit that project into the rest of your life. With work, family, and your other hobbies vying for attention, that can lead to your bathroom remodel being delayed. If the project gets delayed part-way through, that can mean a bathroom that’s not fully functional.

With a contractor, you’re paying for their attention and their professionalism. They are there to get your bathroom remodel finished. In some cases, instead of the weeks it might have taken you to finish it, your bath remodel can be done in a single day.

Go Above And Beyond With More Advanced Bathroom Remodels

If you have had to call plumbers for other projects, that’s a sign you might not be comfortable enough with your own plumbing skills. More than hiring a contractor to help you with the basics, professional contractors can do more advanced installations, too. 

Ensure Each Fixture Is Properly Installed

Have you ever put together a piece of furniture, only to find a few spare parts you forgot to include? That might be okay for a guest room dresser, but those kinds of mistakes can add up in a bathroom.

Avoid these imperfections with the assistance of a professional contractor for your next bath remodel. Thanks to their experience, they are much less likely to make mistakes, leading to a bathroom that looks and works better.


It’s not typical for DIY installations to be covered by warranties. After all, it’s you that’s done the work! With contractors, though, you can get some assurance in case you find out later the work wasn’t satisfactory. These workmanship warranties on services can also cover damages or improper installations. 

Why Winstar’s Team Is The Professional Bathroom Remodel Service For You

If you’d like your installation done quickly and efficiently, hiring a professional for your next bath remodel could be the way to go. At the very least, it’s a conversation worth having so you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages for yourself.

As we’ve been helping Maryland-area families with their homes since 1994, we’d love to help you and your family, too. For a free consultation about shower installations, tub-to-shower conversions, or bath remodels, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today.

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