New Bathroom Renovation in Baltimore, MD

How To Brighten Up A Dark Bathroom

Struggling with a Dark Bathroom?

Our home’s bathrooms are one of the most visited spots in the house. 

It’s where we get ourselves ready for the day. It’s where we check-in with ourselves, see how our new outfit looks or our new hairstyle is shaping up. And It’s where we unwind with self-care at the day’s end. 

Fortunately, fixing a dark bathroom is completely doable. From new shades of paint to bathroom renovations, a lighter, more comfortable bathroom is well within reach.

To spark ideas for your brighter, lighter new bathroom, we here at Winstar have put together five ideas that can be incorporated into a new design.

Five Bright Ideas To Lighten Your Dark Bathroom

  1. Let There Be Light (Without Windows) – While we’d all love to have natural light flowing into our bathrooms, adding a window isn’t always possible (or cost-effective). Instead, you can focus your bathroom redesign on new light fixtures. Recessed lighting behind your mirrors or around shelves is a subtle way to introduce more light into your bathroom. It’s also possible your current light bulbs aren’t doing your dark bathroom any favors. Consider replacing them with bulbs labeled “daylight” (these have a color temperature of 5000K to 6500K), “cool white” or “bright white” (which have color temps between 3500K to 4100K).
  2. Lighten Your Bathroom With Reflective Surfaces – Metallic surfaces and reflective tiles have a nice way of adding light to a dark bathroom. There are a number of ways to consider doing so. One might be with metal fixtures for your sink or mirror frame. A more involved method would be to add glossy wall tiles to get that extra brightness. If you are choosing tiles, keep in mind lighter colors like white, ivory, and beige will help to reflect the light you have.
  3. … And Add Mirrored Reflections – We can’t talk about reflections without talking about mirrors. This is the most effective way to make sure your bathroom feels bigger and lighter. You can even consider incorporating a full-length mirror. Depending on the alignment of your bathroom, one note of caution is to put mirrors facing each other. This will create an infinite mirror effect each time you walk in front, which isn’t as desirable.
  4. Clear Out Clutter – Part of what could be making your dark bathroom feel dreary is the amount of stuff you have sitting out. Go in and take a look around. Are there baskets on shelves? Extra bottles surrounding your sink? Your first attempt should be seeing what a difference organizing makes. From there, consider how you can lift more of the clutter off the ground. Can you install shelves? Or cabinets with glass doors? Could you have a floating vanity put in while you’re renovating your bathroom? Any of these extra steps will add to the lighter effect while maintaining your existing storage space.
  5. Choose A Light-Friendly Layout – It’s possible your bathroom is not designed well to let light in. Keeping fixtures closer to the wall will lead to a bigger-feeling space that’s easier to light. If the shower is too close to the door, for example, it can feel constrictive. Plus, making sure your shower enclosure is glass will also help your bathroom feel lighter and more spacious. To increase the effect of the glass enclosure, prioritize clear glass over bubbled or frosted glass.

Where To Start With Your New Bathroom Renovation

From a simple reorganization to more serious renovation, there are many ways to work with your bathroom space. 

While starting a new bathroom redesign project can seem like a lot of work, the right team will make the process easy. For a free consultation with an experienced team that puts you and your family first, call Winstar today

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