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Is A Walk-In Shower Right For Your Family?

See if installing a Winstar walk-in shower is right for you.

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Is your tub starting to show signs of aging? Have you noticed stains or leaks? Or do you have an elderly family member who’s having trouble getting in and out of it?

Those are just a few of the reasons you might consider removing the bathtub from your bathroom.

For many homes, the bathtub and shower are part of the same fixture. More and more, though, homeowners are choosing to separate the two by converting their tubs to walk-in showers.

If you’ve been on the fence about installing a walk-in shower in your home, then read on. Today we’re sharing several key ideas to be discussed when considering a shower replacement.

Walk-In Showers Are Perfect For These Kinds Of Families

Beyond their aesthetic features (which we’ll get to soon), a walk-in shower can be especially helpful for the following families:

Families with Adults Over 65

Though it can feel like everyone is staying younger longer, age is an important factor when it comes to bathroom fixtures. For people over the age of 65, approximately 80% of slip-and-fall accidents occur in the bathroom. There are a number of reasons for this, including reduced mobility and slower reaction times. Having to climb over a tall, slippery bathtub edge only compounds this problem. A walk-in shower often has a lower curb or no curb at all.

Families with Kids Over the Age of Seven

Are all of your kids showering? If they’re all over the age of seven, that day may be coming soon. With a busy, active family, switching to a walk-in shower will help to save time and keep the bathroom cleaner for everyone.

Families Considering Selling Their Home

If you have an older-looking bathtub or bathroom, it can get in the way of a quick home sale. Plus, if you’re planning on moving, the idea of a full bathroom remodel might seem too costly. A walk-in shower, especially one done as a tub-to-shower conversion, can be a happy medium between the two. This small investment into having a modern shower can help elevate the whole appeal of your home.

Other Benefits Of A Walk-In Shower

Besides being useful for a number of types of families, walk-in showers also have qualities that almost all homeowners can enjoy.

A Lighter, More Open Bathroom

Especially when designed with clear glass, a shower can make your bathroom seem bigger. For those whose bathrooms feel cramped and small, turning a bathtub into a walk-in shower is an effective way to create a larger feeling without a complete renovation.

Enjoy More Floor Space

Removing a bathtub often means removing its relatively large footprint. Whether you utilize that extra space for more storage or just enjoy the open feeling, a shower gives you options.

Simpler Cleaning & Maintenance

Fewer edges and less nooks and crannies makes a walk-in shower easier to clean. They’re also easier to maintain, as there aren’t hidden areas to hide leaks like you might have experienced with older bathtubs.

Getting Ready For Your Renovation

Have you decided to install a walk-in shower in your home? Or do you still have a few questions you’d like to clear up?

We’re here to help. For a free consultation and estimate for your Maryland home’s bathroom, call Winstar today.

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