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Maryland Bath Installers: 7 Things to Look For

The best way to choose your Maryland bath installer.

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When you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation, deciding on the bathroom remodeling contractor can be one of the biggest challenges you face.

There are many variables you’ll be taking into consideration. The timeline of the proposed project, the budget, and the team that’ll be executing the work. 

As is too often the case, homeowners say they didn’t know enough going into a project, leaving them feeling unprepared. 

To help get you ready for your next project, we have compiled seven important qualities for selecting a Maryland bath installer. With each quality, we include a question you can ask of your potential contractor to make sure they’re a good fit.

1| Transparency

“How often will you share updates about our project?”

While renovating a bathroom may be more complicated than DIY, it’s still a fairly straightforward project. A team that’s committed to both your education and your satisfaction will focus on your needs. Because of that, transparency is a fundamental value for a good bathroom contractor. 

Of course, some projects, like a bath-to-shower conversion, can be done in as little as a day. For longer remodels that take a week or several weeks, regular check-ins are key to a project staying on track. 

Even if your Maryland bath installer doesn’t have a set system in place to provide you updates, their willingness to involve you will speak volumes.

2| Timeline

“How long does a project like this normally take?”

It may seem like a simple question, but establishing a project’s timeline is important. That way if it changes, you can understand the reason behind it. Maybe it was the addition of hard-to-get-kind of material, maybe it was a subcontractor who couldn’t be trusted. Whatever the case, knowing and then confirming the timeline is the mark of a contractor who knows how to communicate.

Even when they are shower installations that can be done in a day, knowing the timeline will give you a better sense of the project as a whole.

3| Free Pricing

“Do you offer a free consultation or price estimate for bathroom remodels?”

Depending on the size of your project, a contractor can sometimes charge for an estimate. This is more common for larger, more involved projects. One that involves detailed designs and multiple revisions, like home additions, take up more of a contractor’s time.

It’s less likely for bathroom remodels and renovations, however. To be on the safe side, ask beforehand and you’ll ensure you and the contractor are on the same page.

4| Experience

“How long have you been in business for?”

If a bath installer has been around for years, that’s generally a sign that they’ve been successful. Winstar, for example, has been helping Maryland families with their homes since 1994

This isn’t to say you can’t find a new company with great qualifications, of course. Just know that with a company’s years of experience comes the security knowing they’ve done this work before. 

5| Testimonials

“What have your other clients said about you?”

Leaving reviews for businesses is easier than ever. With resources like Google Business, Yelp, and personalized websites, a trustworthy contractor will have reviews on display. For added authenticity, check for specific mentions of employee names.

6| Local Impact

“Where do you work in the community?”

Trustworthy contractors will proudly display a map on their websites, a local address, or a list of nearby towns or neighborhoods they service. Seeing the area you live on the list confirms two things. 

The first is that they know the local regulations and environment, so they’ll be well-equipped to handle your project. The second is that they’re not overextending themselves, agreeing to take on projects from anyone who calls. That restraint suggests they know their business and limit themselves to better serve their existing base.

7| Education and Resources 

“Do you have any other ideas for the kind of remodeling I could do?”

A reliable bath contractor is as committed to building relationships within his or her community as they are to making sales. That can come from informational phone calls, free consultations, or even maintaining a blog with regular advice, inspiration, and tips. This effort suggests the contractor is prioritizing helping you make the right decisions.

A Free Consultation For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

It’s been our pleasure to serve the Maryland area for nearly three decades. If you’d like to begin planning your next bathroom remodel or renovation, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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