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Shower Installation, In Just One Day

Looking to upgrade your home’s bathroom? You might be surprised to find out you can do it in as little as a day wit ha new shower installation.

According to The Spruce, the average small complete bathroom remodel can take up to 23 days. That’s over three weeks without full access to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Is it any wonder homeowners live with tubs or showers they’re less than satisfied with?

There are differences between a complete bathroom remodel and a new shower installation, of course. While the scale of a bathroom remodel may be bigger than a shower installation, there’s no reason the quality can’t be as high. 

Today, we’re going to share our process for a top-notch custom shower installation. By revealing our step by step method, you’ll see how a shower installation can match that bathroom remodel quality – in less time and with a reasonable price.

Step 1: Design Consultation For Shower Installation

a brown contemporary bathroom with shower

It’s easy enough to look at your shower or tub and realize it’s not what you like. Finding the right piece to replace it may take a bit longer. Still, that’s time well spent. While we can install a shower in just one day, it’s the work we do beforehand that’ll ensure your new shower is an enduring part of your home.

At Winstar, we use BCI Acrylic shower products. As part of this first step, we’ll have a designer assist you to find a style and color combination. There are also plenty of design and pattern options as well that  allow you to further customize your new shower.

Step 2: Custom Fabrication Of Your New Shower

a brown bathroom with a walk-in shower

After having worked with our designers to make the right choices for your family, we’ll get to work. Your Maryland bathroom’s fresh look is just around the corner!

What our custom fabrication allows us to do is create an installation process that’s seamless and quick. By taking into account the specifications of your existing bathroom and the new shower, we customize the solution for you.

This is one of the secrets to our being Mayrland’s trusted choice for budget-friendly bathroom remodels! By spending less time on-site, we can keep labor costs down, saving your family unnecessary costs while not compromising on the quality.

Step 3: Installation Day 

Modern dark bath room with a walk-in shower

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. You’ve made the choices for a stylish, durable new shower – now it’s time to have it installed.

Our certified crews complete most installations in just one day. Here you’ll see the pay off for a convenient shower installation.

At this point, we’ll contact you once the custom fabrication of your shower is done. The crew will arrive in the morning with all the pieces they need to complete the shower installation. In most cases, they will be done by the afternoon, leaving you with a fresh, modern bathroom.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Shower For Years

Family bathroom with walk-in shower and sliding doors

Welcome to the easiest step of them all. Because each of the showers we install is made with durability in mind, you can rest easy that it will stay in great shape for years. The acrylic used won’t scratch, chip, stain, or fade, making our showers the perfect investment in your home’s future.

What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty, too. We believe the work we do and the products we install are the best in the market, and we stand by them.

Learn More About Our Maryland Bathroom Remodeling Services

There you have the simple three-step (and one long bonus step!) process for installing a shower. 

With shower installations in a day and an exciting design process, a custom bathroom remodel can be easy. At Winstar, we maintain a strong customer focus that keeps you and your family at the forefront. 

Ready for your own new shower installation? You can get a free cost estimate and consultation by calling the experts at Winstar today.

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