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Top Tips For Designing A Minimalist Bathroom

It’s no surprise that minimalist bathrooms have become more popular over the years.

For one, it’s a style that’s especially well-suited for bathrooms. With simple, clean lines lending themselves to an uncluttered, clean environment, our bathrooms become a more functional space. 

For another, it’s a modern look that can be achieved through a mixture of personal touches and professional assistance. Given that we spend time in them each day, it’s worth the effort to make our bathrooms feel inviting and comfortable.

If you’ve been thinking about how to give your home’s bathroom a more minimalist look, you’re not alone. We’ve gathered a few tips here to help you start the process. 

Three Ways To Make A More Minimalist Bathroom Today

Want to get started on your minimalist bathroom today? You don’t need to wait till the contractors come over to test out your new ideas. 

Here are three suggestions for reducing cluttering and enhancing the simplicity of your bathroom.

  1. Only Keep Daily Items Out – Give your daily routine a run-through. Anything you didn’t use – any creams, appliances, towels, etc. – are merely adding clutter to your bathroom. Put them away and you’ll keep the focus of your bathroom on the essential.
  1. A Daily Wipedown – Part of the appeal of a minimalist bathroom is how clean it looks and feels. Though it may not seem like it, even small spots or splashes can distract from that overall aesthetic. Try wiping down your bathroom counters and mirrors once a day to keep more control over the space.
  2. Remove What You Don’t Use – That curling iron you haven’t used since it burned you two years ago? The multiple almost-empty toothpaste tubes? The extra trash can? It’s time for an honest assessment of what’s actually causing the clutter in your bathroom. By moving what doesn’t belong – both off surfaces and in the drawers – your bathroom will begin to feel more functional and more essential.

Three Ways To Design A More Minimalist Bathroom

There are also materials, techniques, and styles for minimalist bathrooms that require more effort than a daily wipedown. The rewards for that investment, however, can be significant.

If you’re open to taking a more serious step with your bathroom design, here are a few suggestions on materials, fixtures, and lighting.

  1. Minimalist Bathroom Design Colors – The go-to color for a minimalist bathroom is white – or another very white color. This has the benefit of creating a lighter space that also feels bigger, meaning you notice any objects or clutter even less. This doesn’t mean the bathroom needs to be only one color. A dark-tiled floor or wood floor can add a striking balance without taking away from the simplicity of the bathroom.
  1. Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures – The go-to minimalist bathroom solution would be to have the fixtures in white, too. What’s more important than picking all-white everything is to focus on simplicity. Beyond a light or neutral color, what does that mean? It’s simple lines and designs without lots of bevels or adornments. This can also include wall-mounted fixtures with slim profiles that give your bathroom more of its space back.
  2. Minimalist Bathroom Lighting – The intent for this kind of bathroom is to be strategic. Rather than full-on, bright lighting, consider an LED strip lighting behind the mirror. A single vanity light or pendant light can serve as a creative focal point for your minimalist bathroom, too. After all, this style of bathroom can become too stark if we strip it of all its uniqueness. Given light can be a bathroom’s source of personality, this could be a nice place to stand out.

Taking Your Minimalist Bathroom From Design To Reality

You should hopefully have some new ideas on what you can do to make your home’s bathroom more minimalist. 

Ready to put those bathroom design ideas into action? Contact the team at Winstar to see how you can get started on your next bathroom renovation.

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