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Drain Cleaning


Probably the most common plumbing issue is a stopped or clogged drain.  Sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and septic drain lines all occasionally suffer from a backed up pipe.  Of course, a clogged drain can range anywhere from a full emergency backed-up line to a simple slow drain.  However intense the situation, Winstar has the tools to overcome it.

You don’t need a drain cleaning service for only stopped or clogged drains either.  In many cases, biomass can get trapped in a pipe or drain, where it begins to smell.  This is especially true of kitchen sinks with a garbage disposal.  A thorough drain cleaning will remove the source of the smell, giving your house a chance to air out and smell clean and beautiful once more.

But a clean drain doesn’t end beneath the sink, everything eventually moves into the sewer line outdoors.  Unfortunately, trees are adept at sending their roots straight through the walls of a pipeline, leading to damaged pipework and clogged drain lines.  Wherever the drain problem is, we can locate it and clear the problem out for working drains and a clean home.

Prevention is Half the Victory

Of course, rather than paying to clear your drains every few months, there are a few steps you can take to prevent many of the common household clogs.  The most important is, of course, be mindful of what you flush down a toilet and pour down your sinks.  Anything other than toilet paper is not meant to be flushed, and can cause serious issues later on.

As for drains, specifically the garbage disposal, avoid disposing of starchy or stringy foods (pastas and vegetables like celery).  Don’t ever pour grease down a drain as it will congeal and clog the drain later.  You should also refrain from disposing of fats in the disposal.

A few things you can do to keep your drains clean and clear:

  • Flush only toilet paper
  • Never pour grease, fats, starches, or fibers into the disposal
  • Use a hair trap on shower and sink drains

And remember, nothing is a perfect method.  Eventually you may find a backup because of tree roots, a mischievous child, or any other number of mistakes.  When that day comes, don’t hesitate to call Winstar for the best drain cleaning service in Baltimore.