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Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting

Flickering or short-circuiting lights? A broken switch or outlet?

Any number of problems can arise with your electrical system. To keep your system operating at its most optimal, energy-efficient level, it’s critical to address any issues promptly.

Whether you know what the problem is or you don’t, Winstar is here to diagnose and fix any electrical issue you may have. Avoid costly damages and schedule an appointment with Winstar’s local and trusted technicians.

Your electrical system can change and even destabilize over time. Help keep your home and family safe with a complimentary inspection every 11 months. Contact Winstar for more information on the benefits of a Total Care Club.

To avoid an emergency, Winstar recommends having an expert electrician perform routine electrical safety inspections on your home. At Winstar, we offer one-stop shopping for installation, maintenance and repair of anything electric. Our trusted technicians and customer service team are dedicated to completing all jobs to your complete satisfaction. If a repair should fail, we will happily return for a free follow-up repair.