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Is Your HVAC System Ready For Winter?

by B.Annie on August 31, 2017

It’s been a mild summer and your air conditioner has been running great. Count your blessings. But now it’s time to get your HVAC system ready for a smooth transition to fall.

Small Steps Towards a Healthy HVAC

Let’s start with the easiest steps first.

Check your air filter each month. If you are one of the lucky families with no allergies, you may get away with changing your filter at the beginning of each new season. But if you do have allergy sufferers in the house, consider replacing your filter monthly.  It may relieve a lot of the symptoms.

Common filters can be purchased at many grocery stores. But we suggest you go to a local hardware store.  It is not only about the size of the filter but the power as well.  When you have airborne allergies a good filter can make all the difference.  A great local hardware store will be able to give you several options.  A dirty filter can increase energy costs, damage your HVAC equipment and potentially shortened its life expectancy.

Check your carbon monoxide detector.

Obviously, you don’t want this deadly gas leaking into your home. It can happen from incomplete combustion.

So far so good. You’re like the car owner who has opened the hood, checked the oil and made sure there’s plenty of wiper fluid to keep the windshield free from winter debris.  You’ve done the basics. At this point it’s best to turn to a professional to make sure your system will be properly maintained and ready for fall and winter.

What does the fall HVAC maintenance cover?

Your HVAC professional can clean the heat exchanger and inspect the system for cracks. Cracks can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide getting into your home’s air cycle.

A certified HVAC technician will lubricate your furnace’s moving parts. This service will decrease the friction in motors and save you on your electricity bills.

He will test the ignition switch. Most contemporary systems have electronic ignition switches. An older system may require the pilot to be relit.

Your technician will check your thermostat. It is important that your thermostat is calibrated properly.  Anytime our technicians come to your home for maintenance they will make sure your thermostat is working correctly.

He will check your condensate drain. One of the most common problems homeowners have with their system can be avoided by inspecting the condensate drain.  A clogged drain can not only affect the humidity in your home but it can cause permanent damage to your system.

Your technician will check for any loose connections and they will make sure system controls are working properly.

Finally, our certified technician will let you know whether you have any pending problems.  Often, making small HVAC system repairs now can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Find a reputable company to handle your HVAC maintenance. Winstar Home Services has been in operation over 20 years and offers Total Care Club, which enables you to double the warranty on all HVAC repairs. This means two years of protection on all repairs with no additional service fees.


We know you have a choice when it comes to residential electrical, plumbing and HVAC service.  At Winstar, it’s our goal to set ourselves apart.  Here’s a short list of reasons why you should call us for your next electrical, plumbing or HVAC service, repair or installation.