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It All Starts With Core Values

by B.Annie on February 18, 2017

Core ValuesAt Winstar Home Services everything we do starts with one thing, our Core Values.  From hiring our team to your first to our call center to the technician’s final goodbye at your door, we believe that our core values are the most important thing we offer our customers.

Owner of Winstar, Talbot Watkins sums it up, “We will do everything we can to over-deliver on each and every job.  We will do it with a smile because we have an attitude of gratitude and are thankful for every opportunity we have to serve our customers.”

But what are the core values that guide us each and every day?

Safety First For Our Family and Theirs:

Our number one responsibility is for our teammates to return home safely to their loved ones each and every day.  Their families should be assured that we care enough about them that we will train regularly, both in the field and behind the wheel.  We will never take short cuts on the job to increase profits or make things easier to complete work for the people we serve.  Our clients will always feel secure knowing they have the best trained expert available, that they have been thoroughly trained and received background and drug tests annually.

An example of the extra steps we take to ensure our customers safety: Before a technician comes to your home you will receive an email with the name and photo of your technician.  Your technician will arrive wearing a badge with this same photo.


Great Place To Work

We are a family is more than words for us.  We care about and love our teammates.  This means we hope and plan for the best, we want the best and will help them get the best whenever possible.

An example of the extra steps we take to ensure our employees know they are valued: Each month Talbot and his management team not only provide but cook a breakfast for each and every employee.  This breakfast also provides a great time for the team to socialize and get to know new members.


To Infinity and Beyond

We  always go the distance to provide outstanding service.  We will deliver a WOW experience on every opportunity we have to serve our clients.  This means we will by intention make sure every part of the experience is pleasant and helpful.

An example of our WOW from beginning to end: When you call Winstar a call center associate ask, ” How may I brighten your day?” This simple question is designed to help you take a breath and let us take on the problem you are currently experiencing.  We understand that dealing with repairs is not fun.  We want to take that burden from you.  Let us help.



We always do the right thing when no one is watching; this means doing it even if it is unprofitable or hard.  Honesty and integrity are part of our DNA and it is the reason our clients and teammates can trust us.  It is the reason we can rest easy at night.  It is the reason we make the world a better place.  Integrity is what we pass on to others and to our young ones.

Core Purpose

To Contribute to the well being of others.  We are here to serve our clients; in doing so we will bring comfort and safety to our clients.  We will serve everyone on our team by letting them know that we care about them and will always help give them direction when we can.

An example of our core purpose:  We are currently building an enormous classroom that can accommodate each and every one of our employees. This classroom will be used not only to teach skills needed on the job but also leadership skills our employees can use in other areas of their life as they go out to serve their communities.