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Landscape Lighting – Transform Your Property

by B.Annie on August 13, 2018

Don’t let the light leave your party. Landscape lighting can help you extend your living space.  From late night outdoor entertainment to personal safety, landscape lighting makes an important extension to our homes. Don’t get left in the dark.

Perform a lighting audit.

Consider looking over your property. You may notice dangerously dark corners or pathways that need landscape lighting. You may simply want to highlight a key feature of your garden or home.  You may notice in this audit, an area of your yard that could become an outdoor living space. Outdoor lighting can have many uses:

  • Appearance: Enhance your homes look. There may be certain architectural features of your home you would like to stand out or a garden you would like to see highlighted. The enchanting effects of lights could give your home a nighttime makeover.
  • Functionality: Change the way you use your space: Take the party outside when the sun goes down. No longer fear walking your driveway at night. Your property extends outside the home and your lighting should too!
  • Safety and Security: Deter intruders by illuminating dark spots on your property. A properly lighted property is a safer property. With increased visibility and lighted pathways, guests will have a warm welcome and secure stay.
  • Ambiance: Set the mood. Lights and shadows can set the right tone for anything from dinner date night to housewarming party vibes. Have fun without the sun – create your own atmosphere.


Landscape Lighting

Flood Lights

Usually seen in stadiums and parking lots, flood lights cover large areas and dark corners not normally illuminated. Use LED for high power and duration.

Good For: Large Areas, Security

Landscape Lights

This category is wide encompassing, used in both public and private spaces. Normally used to highlight floral and greenery, as well as outdoor structures, emphasizing architectural features. Decorative lighting that reinforces style.

Good For: Accent Lighting

Motion Sensor Lights

A motion sensor consists of electronic pieces that detect infrared waves, which radiate when things move. When it detects a considerable amount of heat radiation (people, animals, cars) it turns on automatically. The function only works at night or through the darker hours of the day, as the function is deactivated during the day.

Good For: Security


Spotlights offer a direct and focused light, spotlights shed light on key areas. Focus beams in narrow lines directed at one focal point instead of spreading light across a wide area. Use spotlights to illuminate signs, doors and details. Use as a secondary source that provides enough light for a specific spot.

Good For: Focused Areas, Accent Lighting, Security

Powering Your Lights:

Low Voltage:

Unlike glaring lights, low voltage lighting will set a pleasant mood to your landscape. They can be used for path illumination or a simple accent in the garden. Low voltage is safe to use and install.

Power: 12 Volts. Energy Efficient

High Voltage:

Used for flood lights and high power, high voltage is not recommended for domestic residencies. If you have questions or concerns about high voltage for your home, definitely get an electrician involved.

Power: 120 Volts. High Power.

Solar Power:

With no wiring required and easy installation in sunny spots, solar powered lights are a good option. Planting inexpensive solar powered lights could illuminate spots not easily accessible to wires.

Power: LED, Inactive during the day

Don’t let your fun go down with the sun. Your property extends further than your house and you should too! Let us help you make the best of your space.