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Homeowners Bathroom Remodeling Tips

by Call Winstar on February 15, 2017

Baltimore Homeowners Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Winstar Home Services Gives Baltimore Homeowners Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Leading Baltimore home service company offers tips for a stylish, cost-effective bathroom remodel

BALTIMORE, Md. Feb. 15, 2017 – Winstar Home Services, a leading provider of residential electrical, heating and air conditioning, and bathroom remodeling services in the greater Baltimore area, is offering bathroom remodeling advice to homeowners.

“Tax season is upon us and we’ve talked with several customers who are interested in remodeling their bathrooms,” said Talbot Watkins III, president of Winstar Home Services and authorized Bath Planet remodeler. “A bathroom remodel is no small undertaking, but there are several new solutions for homeowners who want to upgrade their bathroom without the costly mess of a tear-out remodel.”

Whether residents are looking for enhanced functionality, an updated style or simply want to add value to their home, Watkins offers these tips to keep in mind in order to avoid throwing money down the drain:

  • Be careful with your design choices – Cosmetic work like paint is relatively inexpensive to change after a remodel. Structural work, however, is not. Knowing what your design is, and more importantly, how much room you have to work with is important, advises Watkins. Meeting national building codes is one thing, but for the sake of comfort, certain designs may not work without tearing out walls or repositioning piping and electrical wiring.
  • Consider safety and accessibility – Bathroom safety and accessibility isn’t just for those with limited mobility, says Watkins. Adding a few safety features—such as grab bars and a seated shower chair—can be safe and stylish while complementing the bathroom’s design. For those with limited mobility, Watkins advises considering a walk-in tub, as most can fit in the same space as an existed bathtub or shower.
  • Don’t forget your plumbing – Drain pipes are probably the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when thinking about a remodel. If your bathroom remodel requires addition drainage, however, here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • To avoid clogging, consider upgrading from standard 1 ½” drain pipes to 2” drain pipes.
    • To avoid frozen pipes in the winter, make sure water lines aren’t routed through exterior walls.

“We want everyone in Baltimore to know they don’t have to live with an outdated, drab or grimy bathroom,” said Watkins. “If you’re not looking to spend a fortune but still want a quality, updated look, there are one day bath remodel options that can have your bathroom looking great for a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel. Whatever your approach, if your bathroom has seen better days, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a certified plumber and bathroom remodeling expert. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and make sure you stay on budget while getting the most out of your remodel.”

For more information about Winstar Home Services and its Bath Planet bathroom remodeling services and products, call 410-360-0058 or visit

About Winstar Home Services

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Winstar Home Services began in 2001 with one man and a van. Talbot Watkins set his goal on becoming a major player in electrical contracting for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. By the end of the year he had two vans and three employees to meet the growing demand for his services. Winstar emphasizes customer service and, within just 15 years, has expanded into a large and smoothly run company with over 100 employees. Visit Winstar on the web at, or call them at 410-360-0058.

Winstar Home Services is an authorized Bath Planet remodeler. For more information about their bathroom remodeling services, visit