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“Winstar Offers Peace of Mind in Case of Storms” is locked Winstar Offers Peace of Mind in Case of Storms

by Call Winstar on February 14, 2017


Winstar Offers Peace of Mind in Case of Storms

Leading Baltimore home service company offers a variety of generators for every need

BALTIMORE, Md. October 14, 2016 – When a storm is on the horizon, it may be too late for preventive measures. Winstar Home Services, a leading provider of residential plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning services in the greater Baltimore area, can help provide peace of mind so that if a storm comes, you’re ready.

“In the past few days, millions of people across several Southern states and Caribbean islands have been without power because of Hurricane Matthew,” says Talbot Watkins, president of Winstar Home Services. “People rely on electricity for survival, and it’s important to ask yourself in advance if you’re prepared.”

More than 3,000 power outages occur in the United States each year, affecting at least 41 million people. The average power outage lasts about 214 minutes, which is more than three hours without running water, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Watkins says every household should have at least one small backup generator, which will keep your security system, HVAC, refrigerator and stove up and running with only a brief interruption.

“Winstar offers a variety of generator makes and models from small portable backup generators to larger automatic backup generators,” Watkins says. “All of them are user-friendly and come with warranties.”

Not only are backup generators important for emergencies and power outages, but they also protect your property from damaging power surges.

To learn more, contact Winstar at 410-360-0058.

About Winstar Home Services

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Winstar Home Services began in 1995 with one man and a van. Talbot Watkins set his goal on becoming a major player in electrical contracting for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. By the end of the year he had two vans and three employees to meet the growing demand for his services. Winstar emphasizes customer service and, within just 15 years, has expanded into a large and smoothly run company with over 100 employees. Visit Winstar on the web at, or call them at 410-360-0058.