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Winter Home Savings Tips

by Call Winstar on February 14, 2017


Winstar Home Services Offers Homeowners Winter Savings Tips

Leading Baltimore home service company advises that prevention is more cost effective than repair and provides winterization insights to local residents

BALTIMORE, Md. November 18, 2016 – Winstar Home Services, a leading provider of residential electrical, heating and air conditioning services in the greater Baltimore area, is offering residents some tips to winterize their homes before the holiday season arrives.

“Homes in Baltimore endure a lot of stress when the temperature drops,” said Talbot Watkins III, president of Winstar Home Services. “This can cause nearly all your systems to be prone to inefficiency. Our winters can be a bit unpredictable, but they’re almost always cold, and preparation for the cold months is far more cost effective than having an emergency repair, especially during the holidays. We talk with our customers all the time about preparing their homes for winter through ongoing maintenance and with simple tactics they can use to avoid costly repairs.”

Here are four winterization insights Watkins offers to local home owners:

  1. Burst pipe prevention
  • Consider replacing all outside faucets with frost-proof versions
  • Drain all outside water supply lines
  • Store hoses away
  • Insulate pipes in unheated areas with coverings such as rags, electrical heat tape or even newspapers
  1. Water leak prevention
  • Clean pipes and water heaters
  • Examine any pipes or tubing that are exposed and look for signs of corrosion
  • Test older pipes’ water pressure by turning on the hot water in the kitchen and the bath
  1. Water boiler maintenance
  • Monitor and insulate the water boiler’s supply and return lines near their walls
  1. Home plumbing inspection
  • Schedule a home plumbing inspection before the seasons change to identify any potential leaks, inefficient appliances or any other potential mishaps

Lastly, Watkins recommends testing your indoor air quality (IAQ) if you plan on having relatives come into town.

“The EPA estimates indoor air to be more polluted than the air outside,” said Watkins. “This can become a health nightmare for your family and especially for anyone with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues who visits your home. The only real way to know the quality of your air is to have it tested by IAQ experts. In the worst cases, we’ve seen some homes fostering extremely dangerous molds and other pollutants. That’s not something you want to have when you’re spending the majority of your time indoors – and certainly not something you want to have to address right in the middle of the holidays.”

To learn more about what you can do to help protect your home this winter, contact Winstar Home Services at (410) 360-0058.

About Winstar Home Services

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Winstar Home Services began in 2001 with one man and a van. Talbot Watkins set his goal on becoming a major player in electrical contracting for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. By the end of the year he had two vans and three employees to meet the growing demand for his services. Winstar emphasizes customer service and, within just 15 years, has expanded into a large and smoothly run company with over 100 employees. Visit Winstar on the web at, or call them at 410-360-0058.