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Sewer Line Repair


It doesn’t matter what the water is used for initially, it all runs through the same black-water line away from your home.  Unfortunately, the sewer is a single point of failure for all the plumbing in your home.  A well-designed system is efficient and problems have pre-mitigated consequences.  But not all home plumbing has been designed well.

When a sewer line becomes backed-up or otherwise damage, it can stop lines all the way to multiple fixtures in the home at once.  The situation can quickly become extremely smelly and rapidly become unbearable.  Worse still, typical repairs for a damaged sewer line can require major excavations in the yard.

You’re in luck, Winstar plumbing can repair any sewer line, and we’re often able to do so without digging up your backyard.  Many of our sewer cleanings and repairs can be done in a single visit as well.  So call today to schedule a service with the best plumbers in Baltimore!

Excavationless Sewer Repairs

 Cleaning a sewer drain is one thing.  A motorized snake can clear a sewer drain from the street or your home in a fairly short amount of time.  Most of the time, this doesn’t require any digging at all to successfully clear the drain.  Damaged pipes are a different story.

For most major damages (ground sinkage, tree roots, aging pipes), excavation of the pipe for it to be replaced is necessary.  But there is an alternative.  Trenchless repiping involves clearing the drain and running an epoxy-resin mix into the older pipe.  This creates a brand new polymer-pipe from inside.  The diameter is marginally less, but there are no flow restrictions, no excavation of your yard, and you have a brand new pipe.

If you’re in need of a sewer line repair or cleaning, then call Winstar, you’re best home service team for all of your plumbing needs.