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Smart Home Makes it Easy Whether You are Near or Far

by B.Annie on January 10, 2018

The Smart Home of the last generation meant a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher and perhaps an automatic sprinkler system to water the lawn. For today’s homeowners, those items are a given. Updated homes may have a robotic vacuum cleaner, a smoke alarm system connected to wifi, an automated video camera to keep an eye on the household, exterior lights and intruder monitoring plus much more.

What makes a smart home “smart”? Almost any new device that runs on electricity can now be connected and controlled by a smartphone, tablet or a Google Home or Amazon Alexa Device. That means you can automate your home to run the tasks on a schedule that you desire or control from afar. Some are using a phrase to describe this new situation: The Internet of Things. 

A robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have for the modern homeowner

It is a time saver for the busy executive, non-profit volunteer, or mom running the kids to their activities. “Waste time vacuuming?  No way,” the homeowner might say. It is just so darn cool to see the vacuum smoothly motoring underneath a low table or backing away from the edge of steps that would send it crashing into the basement. Of course, the vacuum will not go where it has been programmed to avoid.

Comfort is a must for today’s smart home

When coming home from a week’s summer vacation at the shore, you can switch on the air conditioning from 100 miles away or more. That’s what I call smart! Keep the house cool at night when everyone is sleeping and warm during the day. Easy. Some of the applications sync the thermostat with overhead ceiling fans to keep things cool economically.

Security is important in today’s smart home

Is the babysitter really watching over your five-year-old or smooching with her boyfriend instead? A home video system will tell you exactly what’s going on. Still at work and the kids are coming home from school?  No problem, they can get into the house because the security system recognizes their voices. And you can check to make sure they are actually home.

You don’t want your home security to merely get a picture of the thief leaving the house with all your worldly possessions. Now your security system can flash the floodlights and turn on a screeching alarm if it detects a suspicious person lounging about.

What about the potential thief who hits your doorbell to see if anyone is around? You may be at work or on vacation, but the videocam in the security system can alert you so you can tell them to get lost before you call the cops.

Lighting is something else that has been integrated into smart homes.

You can inform the system that you want certain lights to dim during the day, brighten during the night or use motion detection to turn on the lights when you enter the room.  It’s not necessary to echo your parents: “Turn those lights off. Do you think I’m paying to light up the whole neighborhood?”

Advances in these systems are happening every day.  That’s where a certified electrician comes in.  We can not only install your devices but program them and help you learn how to use them too.