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Switches & Outlets

Worth the Switch!
We understand the hassle that comes with a malfunctioning outlet or switch. Not only is it inconvenient, but can be extremely dangerous. It can cause severe shocks and burns or even create a risk of fire.

For this reason, we highly recommend fixing any broken outlets or switches right away and investing in electrical safety protection. The most common causes of electrical fires are faulty wiring, short circuits, and overloaded outlets.

Consider having a licensed and highly trained Winstar electrician conduct a whole-home electrical safety inspection. We will check for properly working switches and outlets, detect future problems, and address current ones.

We highly recommend installing Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters, and tamper-proof outlets.

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters – arc-faulting occurs for a variety of reason including stapled wiring, worn insulation, loose connections, accidental piercing, worn-out cords, and natural exposure. AFCI outlets protect you and your family from dangerous unwanted electrical arcing. To keep your family safe and your home up to code, install AFCI outlets in all of your bedrooms, living/dining rooms, sunrooms, closets, and hallways.

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters – ground-faulting occurs in areas where water or moisture is present. GFCI outlets protect against electrocution by shutting off power to your outlet when it detects the presence of moisture. It is required by The National Electrical Code to have GFCI outlets installed in all bathrooms, garages, kitchens, and outdoor outlets.

Tamper-Resistant Outlets – these receptacle are necessary for any homes with young children. A spring mechanism snaps shut whenever a foreign object is inserted. The metal prongs of a plug are like the key that opens the outlet. The NEC now requires these outlets in new and renovated homes.

Get protection from dangerous electrical hazards with safe outlet and light switch repair and replacement. If your GFCI, AFCI, or any other outlet smells odd, trips frequently, or looks corroded or damaged, call Winstar right away! Your safety is important to us.

With our Total Care Club, your complimentary electrical safety inspection will include a thorough inspection of all your outlets and wiring.

Whether it is outlet troubleshooting or dimmer switch installations, Winstar is the trusted source for all your electrical outlet and switch needs. If your problem is as simple as a new switch, we can find you the perfect match in no time.

Our technicians are background checked and drug tested for you safety and comfort. We arrive in fully stocked vehicles to complete electrical repairs and installations on the spot. If you are not completely satisfied, we will complete a free follow-up repair.