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How to Take a Load Off Your Electricity Bill After a Hot Summer

by B.Annie on September 24, 2018

How has your electrical system been fairing this hot summer? The answer may be “stressful”! Summer brings with it a demand on our electrical appliances and devices. Keeping cool takes a toll on the cooling system and on your wallet. It may be time to start thinking about “chilling out” as the colder weather starts to settle in. You want to keep yourself and your wallet cozy at home this fall. So how do you take a load off your electricity bill after a hot summer?

There are several ways to recover after a hot and humid summer. Remember, your heating and cooling system makes up 30-50% of your electric bill. Therefore it is one of the biggest stressors on your electric system.  Here are some seasonal adjustments you may want to consider:

Keep your air filters clean

Ensure optimal airflow. Your system will work harder than it has to if airways are not kept clear. Dirty air filters are also a health and fire hazard.

Schedule a professional tune up and maintenance at least once a year

Get the professionals involved. They will help you take preventative measures, catching minor problems before they become a real hazards. Call the professionals at Winstar today to schedule your appointment.

Clean your gutters and indoor vents

Keeping gutters and vents clean of dirt and debris will keep your roof and inner systems safe from cracks and leaks. Having clean gutters and vents can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Set your home’s programmable thermostat to eco mode

Programmable thermostats automatically adjusts themselves when set to eco mode, economizing the temperature of the house. This will help you take a load off of your electricity bill.

Don’t forget to cook outdoors

No need to use your oven or stovetop just yet. Keep the strain off your appliances by firing up the grill for the last months of mild temperatures and leafy weather.

Keep your fridge cool

Refrigerators and freezers may often times also come with eco settings. Ensure seals are tight and no air leaks!

Keep cool-literally!

Summer may almost be over, but the warm weather is still upon the Maryland area. Water heaters are the third largest energy expense in the home. The hotter the water temperature (and the more it is used), the harder the electrical system has to work to keep up with the heating demands. Set water heater temperature to 120 degrees. While the outside temperatures are still mild, take cool, short showers instead of long, hot baths. If you take a shower that uses cooler water, you may thank yourself for that lower energy bill.

Properly insulate your water tank

Keep the most important things in-heat and water. Prevent water leaks and install insulation with the help of professionals. Contact the professionals at Winstar if you have questions about your water heater.

Reduce appliance stress

A year-round money saving tip. Appliances and devices always demand a lot of your system. It may be a good idea to remember to unplug them every once in a while.

Be mindful of the electricity use in your home

Lighting in the average home accounts for 12% of the stress on your electric system. Electronic devices account for another 10-15%. Don’t forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room, or unplug devices when not in use.

Update your outdoor lighting in the fall

The darker months may be upon us, but the warm weather is still around. Take advantage of low voltage lighting. Inexpensive solar powered landscape lighting may be perfect for this time of year.

Summer may have stressed and stretched your wallet, but you can watch your electric bills fall in the coming months. Save money and electricity before the holidays. For more information about how Winstar can help, click here.