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Toilets & Fixtures


Washing machines, bathtubs, and sinks, if water is involved there are pipes leading to it and through it.  Every plumbing fixture you own is part of an almost closed system that allows for water to run into and out of your home.  It’s a beautiful system, right up until something stops working and water starts running over the edge.

From small leaks to complete replacements, Winstar will arrive at your door to fix the problem with just a simple call.  In most simple cases – installations, minor repairs, or inspections – we offer same-day service.  With an early call, we’ll work with you to schedule a repair within 24 hours of your call.

However, broken plumbing doesn’t keep office hours.  When a pipe bursts or the seal on your faucet finally stops working, you don’t need same-day service, you need 24-hour emergency repair service.  For emergency plumbing repair, call us and we’ll dispatch a plumber to repair or replace your fixture immediately.

Fixture Leaks

 Are you aware that fixture leaks (sink and bathtub drips) account for a large portion of your water bill?  If you’ve noticed a sudden increase on your water usage bill, a leak may be likely.  If you have faucets which refuse to stop dripping, or a toilet which continues to fill throughout the day, these are likely where that extra cost on your bill is coming from.  The causes of these problems are often:

  • Excess Pressure
  • Hard Water
  • Thermal Expansion

A leak fix can range between simple or complex.  Lowering the pressure in your pipes can be a simple task, while repairing damage due to hard water (which can increase pressure or lead to corrosion in the faucet) may require substantial replacements of your plumbing and fixtures.

Toilet and Drain Repairs

 Of course, at Winstar we perform full replacements and installations for new fixtures.  But not every problem requires that level of response.  One of the most common fixture repairs we face (outside of garbage disposal repairs) is drain clearing.  Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs all backup eventually.  In many cases, they simply aren’t designed to handle some of the things we assume they can.  So for tough, recurring clogs, call Winstar and we’ll clear your drains and clogs quickly!

With our Winstar Guarantee – “You’re Happy or It’s Free!”