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Is Your Home’s Electrical Panel Due For An Upgrade?

by B.Annie on July 30, 2018


We normally don’t give much thought to the mechanics behind our lighting. Electricity is at our disposal, as if by magic. The simple truth, however, is the unsung hero of your home, your electrical system. It is what allows us to charge our phones, keeps us warm or cool, watch TV, cook and so much more.

We rely on electricity but sometimes may not know enough about it. Your own home’s central system may be a good place to start. Here are some questions to ask to see if  you need to call in the pros regarding upgrading your home’s electrical system..

Do I Need to Update My Home’s Electrical Panel?

When it comes to your home’s power, it’s the electrical panel, electric meter and circuit breaker you have to thank. These three determine how much power is coming into your home and how efficiently and safely it is being distributed.

If you have concerns about the electric meter, you’ll need to talk with the utility company. When it comes to the repair or replacement of your electric panel or circuit breaker, leave it to us.

In your house, a circuit includes all of the outlets that are linked on a single wire and operated by a single circuit breaker or fuse. The panels determine the amount of power that is available for the circuits to distribute for use in your home. Meanwhile, the number and size of the circuit breakers determine how the power is used in your home.

You may be at risk for something going wrong along the way in your system. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate need for replacement or repair:

  • Circuit breakers trip frequently or fuses blow repeatedly.
  • Lights dim or flicker when other appliances are turned on.
  • Outlets spark, are discolored or warm to the touch.
  • You require adapter and extension cords to create more electricity.

Do not hesitate if you experience one or more of these symptoms to give Winstar a call.

 Is My Home’s Electrical System Too Old?

If your home is between 25-40 years old, the answer may be yes.  Surprising but true, homes as young as twenty-five years old are at risk of not being able to keep up with modern demands. Our dependency on appliances and gadgets has us using much more electricity than we used to. Many older homes with old-fashioned electrical systems may not be equipped to handle the increased amps and voltage.

In addition, numerous older homes still operate with fuses instead of circuit breakers. A fuse will blow and need to be replaced, whereas a circuit breaker will only trip, and has to be flipped on after it shuts down.

Not sure about your home, let us evaluate your home’s demands and diagnose a possible update.

What is the Lifespan on a Typical Home Electrical Panel?

Well-maintained electric panels can last between 25-40 years. However, many people typically tend to add electrical strain to their system throughout its life. Adding electrical appliances such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer or even a coffee machine will demand more of your system. When adding a room or workspace we also ask more of our electricity and may need to start considering a system upgrade.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Having My Home’s Electrical Panel Upgraded?

Circuit breakers are meant to stop electricity flow in order to prevent overloading the circuit. Old breakers may not trip and can pose a fire and safety hazard. A great benefit to updating your system will be keeping you and your home safe and sound.

Updating your system will also give you a consistent power supply, with less risk of tripping a circuit or blowing a fuse. The greater power supply will allow you to demand more of it.  Upgrading your home’s electrical system will be important if you are thinking of making additions to your home soon.

Can I Update My Panel Myself?

For your own safety, electric work is best left to the professionals like Winstar. We do not recommend DIY’s or unlicensed electricians for this or any job. Protect yourself and your home by going through the right channels that will leave your system up to code and up to date.

Sleep soundly at night knowing your home’s electricity is running as it should. Don’t let flickering lights and tripped circuits be the norm.  Let Winstar see if upgrading your home’s electrical panel is the best choice to keep you safe and happy.