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Summertime – Can Your Water Heater Handle It?

by B.Annie on July 9, 2018

While we may not think about it, needing hot water and using our water heater is part of our daily routine, especially in the summer! Summer fun under the sun means loads of dirty clothes, dishes and the need for extra showers. You depend on your water heater daily, so don’t wait for an unexpected cold shower to find out your water heater needs help. Not sure if your water heater is up challenge of the summer? There are a few tell-tale signs that you need maintenance.

Unexpected Cold Showers
You’ve just come in from enjoying the summer sun. Whether you were out gardening, playing a sport, or hanging out at the pool – you are sweaty and are looking forward to jumping into a steamy hot shower to clean off. Unfortunately, as soon as you turn the water on, it stays cold! Unwanted cold showers, or even lukewarm ones, could be a sign of a neglected water heater. Minerals and sediments build up over time within the tank. Eventually, this causes an obstruction between the water and the burner. This issue can be prevented by having Winstar flush your tank.

Rumbling Noises

Although some noise from the water heater is expected, if you hear a banging, rumbling, popping, or other loud noises, it is definitely time to give Winstar a call. Not only does building sediment in your water heater keep your water cold, it can cause serious damage by creating leaks and cracks.  Don’t ignore those strange sounds. Be sure to call Winstar to schedule service to your water heater.

Cloudy Water
When you run your faucet, does your water look cloudy? Does it smell or taste metallic? Your water heater’s health may be in danger! Mineral deposits from the heater can accumulate around faucets, clogging the water flow. These traveling minerals give your water the cloudiness. However, if the color is not cloudy but orange, rust may be involved. Call Winstar immediately and have one of our highly trained technicians help resolve the corrosion.

Change in Water Pressure
Mineral deposits not only impact the temperature, smell and sight of the water, they can affect water pressure too. The build up of the mineral deposits can block pipes and thereby reducing the water pressure. Water pressure can also be altered by distribution lines that have kinks in them or other issues.

While it’s not something you do everyday, inspecting your water heater for leaks is important! Be sure to visually check your water heater for leaks or standing water nearby. This check can be part of your monthly home maintenance routine and can help prevent bigger issues from happening.

It’s an Emergency…Now What?
Life happens. Sometimes we have the best intentions regarding maintaining our home and we get busy. Should an emergency arise with your water heater, know that Winstar is just a phone call away. With our 24 hour emergency service offered 7 days a week, you can have peace of mind that if a problem arises, Winstar will be able to help. Evenings or weekends, our live call center and expert technicians are standing by.

What if I Need a New Water Heater?
If you’ve tried to keep your water heater as long as possible and have decided you need to replace it, Winstar can help! Not sure if you want a tank or a tankless water heater? Winstar can help! We can discuss options with you regarding the features of each option. Click here to learn some basic differences between tank and tankless water heaters.

While summertime should be a stress-free time of year, sometimes emergencies happen or you have an unexpected home maintenance need. You can be one step ahead this summer by having your water heater inspected and maintained. Winstar has convenient online scheduling and friendly and trustworthy technicians, plus our “You’re Happy or it’s FREE!” guarantee. Why wait? Schedule your appointment today!