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Hot Water Heater – Why Does My Shower Get Cold So Quickly?

by B.Annie on April 3, 2017

Is my hot water heater broken?

Nobody likes a cold shower.  But many of us suffer from this problem on a regular basis  So, what’s happening when your water gets cold so quickly?

It could be any of a three of problems.

Your Hot Water Heater Is Too Small

This could be the case if  bought a cheaper unit to save money without considering the size or if your demands have increased since the unit was installed.  There is no inexpensive solution for this but there are more choices now than ever before.  You can buy a new traditional hot water tank or you can replace it with a tankless system. The advantage of the tankless system is that you don’t outgrow it.  It heats the water as you need it.

Sediment Is Taking Up Too Much Space

This is much more likely if you have hard water and don’t currently use a softening system.  Sediment tends to build up, meaning your tank holds less water than it did previously.  Flushing the system can fix this problem.  You can do it yourself or call us to fix it for you.  You can keep this from happening in the future by installing a water softening system.

Your Dip Tube Is Broken

Usually you will know this is the problem because you will find small bits of plastic clogging your dishwasher, shower head or other strainers.

Your dip tube shoots cold water into the bottom of the water heater tank where the heating element is located. This is helps make sure the water is heated properly before mixing in with the rest of the water.

Unfortunately, this is not something you can fix on your own.  We highly recommend you call a professional plumber to help with this issue.